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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Thank You Bella

This message came in at about 5:oo this morning, just as I was
waking up. I have no idea who it was that spoke to me, but I am
positive that he or she is very loving and benevolent. I went to bed
extremely well-shielded, and even now I can still feel the glow of
warm, golden energy that accompanied this short transmission. I hope
that in reading this message, you all will feel the love from this
being, too.

“To understand who and what Creation is, you need only look within
yourself. It is the silence within. The silence is your place of
refuge apart from the noise of your exterior world. When you discover
the Silent Spot, you discover uninterrupted connection. A connection
formed not with a barrage of words and pictures, but in the
contentment. Why, child, do you deem it necessary to constantly think?

The acquired mastery of dwelling firmly rooted and stable and centered
is to attain the sought-after level of consciousness you selectively
term ’5D’. The attainment of this next level of consciousness is so
simple it is genius, and not nearly so complicated as you make it out
to be. Find it in a spark of creativity. It lies in the compassion
which spills forth freely from your heart, to those who are in need.
And there are so many souls in need.

Do unto others as you should wish others to do unto you. Yet equally
important is to do unto yourself as you would strive to do unto
others. Grant yourself permission to be happy, and proceed to live
accordingly. Authentically. With a gracious heart. Clear away what
chains you up and holds you down, be it old programming and ideas or
excess baggage from a long-forgotten lifetime. Water under the bridge,
it is, and it flows off into the nether-regions.

To know love is to know God. To live by the dictates of the heart is
to live honestly and without artifice. By being true to what you know
to be true. And what is true for you may not quite be true for
another. Such is the way of things, and such is the way it is coming
round to be for all concerned - for you, for Earth and for her
inhabitants. Be ready to be this change.”

(Could you explain what you mean by ‘living authentically’?)
“Yes. It means being true to your vision of what this New Earth means
to you. Your own personal ideal. Each of your visions is unique to
you. And all have the potential to come together, to exist
concurrently, in harmony.”
(Who is this?)

“You already know.”

Copyright Bella © Capozzi. All rights reserved. You may copy and
distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way,
the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.
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Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Many continue to struggle with speaking solely through love and kindness, but there are many more of us among the ground crew that can still lead by example helping those others still struggling to catch up, simply by responding in kindness and only to those very specific points of which are among those frequencies of love and acceptance, without judgment.
As we respond in gratitude, and only giving energy towards those very points of others still in the spectrum of love and acceptance, we then own the entire playing field. The best way to stop the hostility between others posting is to NOT give any attention to their negativity. Even if responding in kindness to these unpleasant remarks, we are still fueling the life force of the original negative thoughts and remarks. To completely ignore them will absolutely starve these thought forms from growing in strength at all.

So if someone says, "You're an idiot!" The best response is no response, but if someone says, "I understand and agree with the part about hypothetical topic, but you're an idiot!" The best response is elaborate on this resonating hypothetical topic, yet still giving absolutely no fuel to the negativity. When people are stuck in an emotional loop that they have yet to resolve, they will only continue to fuel that discourse, even if only energetically, but I can assure you that you are being effected by this magnetic resonance being thrown at you and not only that, but it is effecting a vast range of others in the process, even if said person does not extend this negative energy through verbiage or in writing. It is the thoughts that contain the most power, not the words, although it is true that providing the verbiage or a written exchange also is manifesting solidity and an increased density to the thought, but the point here is to starve these negative thoughts of any fuel whatsoever.
It is one thing to speak of kindness as we shine our own light and messages, both online and in person, but it takes a master of one's thoughts to truly maintain purity in correspondence of the magnetic resonance between two or more others, regardless of where they are located as this magnetic resonance carries as infinitely far in distance as one's imagination and deliberate intent or divine willpower.
It is important to realize that when those struggling to catch up respond in such unpleasant ways, they are not responding directly to YOUr remarks -they are not responding to YOUr energy at all. When one looks at another, they only see a reflection of themselves, at least in the energetic sense. What this does is it forces them to face all that are as they see the energy you are portraying in said moment, but you all must know that it truly has NOT to do with you at all. They are being forced to look at something that they are not ready to face. It only has to do with their own desires to learn this lesson they are wishing to learn, whether they are aware of why this happening or not. This is simply how the universe works. It is the manifestation of their recurring/looped vibrations and the Law of Attraction that brings them to either understand their behavior, or to continue in the same emotional loop.
The very best way to address this situation is to treat them as you would yourself. Remember the the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." They are essentially part of us -an extension of ourselves in the grand scheme of things, yes? When you think unpleasant thoughts internally within your own discernment, do you respond in hostility towards yourself? Or, do you instantly discard that negative thought process and change it to something pleasant? This very same procedure of weeding out the emotional blocks within and those preprogrammed habitual responses applies to others just the same as you work on your own self discovery and ownership of your mind's perception of all.
It is most important to be gracious in response to every kindness bestowed upon you, giving fuel then to those frequencies of love and respect and of divine will to be in joy. Always respond in gratitude as in doing so we then begin giving fuel an even brighter blazing sun of kindness that otherwise before, exponentially so as whenever one says yes to love, they are the power of one, but when 2 say yes to love, they are the power of 10. When 10 say yes to love, the number is already an incalculably expansive number. Let me explain. With 2 souls saying yes to love, 2 souls resonate as 10, but when 10 souls say yes to love, it is not as you may guess 100, because each soul resonates with each other soul individually, and so as a whole this number is much closer to 1000 than 100. That is how an exponential curve works.
However, when just one soul steps out of love and says to another, "That is NOT love!" ALL are affected, just as the "One Rotten Apple" rule. Do not give fuel to those negative comments, even if correcting with love as so many are not quite ready to hear this correction, so the best thing you can do for them is to either only show them love or starve them of the fuel they are aspiring for in the form of attention. So respond instead only to those comments that uplifted your spirits as the same will be so for others, and exponentially so! So many are still infatuated with protesting the wrongs being done to us all in the many forms of oppression, but if we simply chose NOT to accept such things -NOT to fuel their agenda -NOT to resonate as such...
Monitor and master your thoughts, and not only will you will have the foresight of knowing your every coming emotion thereafter, but you will manifest your every desire. The birthing of this next cycle of creation has occurred. No longer do we need to wait through such gestation periods to manifest our every desire. It is only the faith in one's own deliberate intent and that of the natural laws of the universe in which our greatest desires will be fulfilled.

The previous cycle of creation is quickly crumbling beneath the vast amounts of love being poured onto our dearest Gaia's body, from three incredibly powerful forces; The ever increasing Galactic Alignment, the Angels/Star People blasting away love and joy and beauty unto the Planet and from our collective consciousness as a whole. We, the ground crew are growing in numbers and in strength as more and more become receptive.
This is a time to be vigilant in owning your thoughts as each and every thought has a much greater source of power behind it; much greater than we have grown to be accustomed to in this lifetime. The more one stays in the realm of love and joy and beauty, the more we help birth this New Earth Sun through this collaboration of souls we are as a collective consciousness, but as each and every single one of us continues to push the pace of his/her own evolutionary path, these individuals become incredibly powerful light houses amongst the masses, bringing divine will to this reality in that even a single being, through their own infinitely powerful mind along with their divine willpower to see their every desire come to fruition, are lighting the way for so many others. In fact the term "light houses" barely does justice to those feeling love and joy in their sacred heart center as a single soul can envelope the entire planet in their magnetic field. It is only a matter of your infinitely powerful mind, the divine willpower you bring in from your highest selves and the deliberate intent of willing it to be so.
We are all loved equally, no one more than another, no matter our evolutionary path. We are all on the same team in birthing this new cycle of creation. The angels do not see those imperfections that you see. They see you as divine perfection, each and every one of you! -An individual piece of the puzzle that makes up all of creation. Only you get to be you -And what a gift that is?! There is only one of you. There will only ever be one of you, and together we are manifesting this New Earth Sun as a collective consciousness, but you, my ever so lovely and beautiful friends… you are irreplaceable! Only you can shine your light. Only you can sing your song. So be that symphony that you were born to be!
Anyways, I saw there was a message or video put out about this topic and then became instantly inspired to write from my own light source on my views on this. love and gratitude to all!
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Monday, 28 May 2012

Ascension For Beginners

Friday, 25 May 2012


Today we find ourselves basked in a great workload, where beings from many different star systems throughout this universe are coming and going and assisting in their own ways make this a smooth transition for this planet and her people.

We busy ourselves with pressing matters of the day that often deal with matters concerning tectonic and environmental structures that need to be monitored and need to be constantly adjusted to safeguard all that is precious on this planet.

We sometimes journey to the outer surface of this planet to perform tests and to monitor seismic events and the effects they have on the outer surface world throughout your cities.

We have made plans to prepare your outer world for the coming seismic events that could cause a few problems for you.

We wish to assist you, our brothers and sisters, when it is deemed an appropriate time for a meeting between our two worlds that share the same planet.

We have eagerly anticipated a meeting with your people for quite some time now.

We find it surprising to learn how many of your people on the surface world have no idea about our existence.

This has been one of the better kept secrets of your civilization.

Cover-ups and outright lies have led your people to believe the inner Earth is comprised of nothing but rock and sedimentary layers.

This is hardly the truth, as the inner realm of this planet is a place of great expansiveness, beauty, color, sunlight and beings from many different places, not just from this planet.

We wish soon to escort a team of selected individuals from your people down into the realms of your inner planet.

We wish to show you the beauty possessed inside your mother Earth, as she is not only gorgeous on her outside, but she possesses great beauty within her as well.

We look so forward to this day when we can see the utter surprise on your faces when you travel down below what you used to feel was the bottom of your world beneath your feet.

We have so much to show you and so much to explain to you, though the days are growing very short and there is not much time to do all the things that we wish to do and speak to you about.

As many of you have begun to learn, our entire planet that we call home is set to elevate herself into the higher dimensions of this universe.

Things will never be the same here for you as well as for us once this ascension takes place.

We wish to give you the royal tour of our palaces and our homes, our fields and our forests, our rivers and our streams, our lakes and even our ocean.

Yes, we have all these beautiful gifts here in our world and we wish to share them with you.

Do you wish to meet us as well?

Do you wish to learn about your ‘long lost’ brothers and sisters who have been away from you and your society for many long eons of time?

If you wish to meet us say “I wish to meet you”.

If you wish to share in our treasures and explore our great inner Earth then it will be, as this planet, this entire planet, is our planet that we share together and no longer will we be separated by the crust of this Earth that today acts as a wall between our two glorious civilizations

There are important matters to deal with before this reunion can take place, but we promise you that this meeting will take place and will take place before the curtain rises on our ascension into the higher realms.

There is so much to do before this incredible event and we must busy ourselves with each task at hand that arises on an almost daily basis.

We below the ground that you walk on are very busy, just as we see many of you helping to bring about the changes so needed here on this planet.

We are assisting in our own way make this an easy transition for you, and in the days ahead we will fully explain to you what our efforts have included in service and in love to you, our brothers and sisters of the surface world.

For today, we will say that much of our time is spent curtailing efforts of those of your world committed to destruction and mayhem and control of your people.

We monitor their movements, their actions and even their thoughts, and we wish to be clear with you and say that they will never be permitted to carry out their dastardly agenda, as we will not permit this as it cannot be permitted, and we must do everything that we can to protect our precious mother which is the planet that we share together.

You have nothing to fear of the cabal and their minions scattered all throughout your world as we have plans for them and they will need to face up to the crimes they have been committing against you, their own people, in the name of greed and thirst for more power and control.

We have dealt with them several times before throughout your history.

This is not the first time that we have been forced to make a stand against them.

There have been incidents in your past where we have been forced to mount military campaigns against invading forces controlled by your dark ones.

This might come as very surprising news to some of you, yet we are aware that there are those among you who have read accounts of at least one of these military battles and we say to you what you have read is a true accounting of historical events in your not too distant past.

We were forced by the hands of your militaries who trespassed into our realm and who had conquest as the reason for their presence here.

We were forced to use our craft that fly through your skies at lightning speed and eradicate the threat that we saw as very real and very threatening to our people and our way of life.

We wish for you to understand that we would never take up arms against any beings in this entire universe unless we were at first threatened with our lives.

This was certainly the case here in your past, and we spared as many lives and ships of your Navy as we could while we still made a point to demonstrate our military powers of protection for our people and our cities beneath your ground.

We do not foresee another need for military intervention as accords have been reached with many different military factions of your surface world.

We see instead the days ahead passing by peacefully, with no military interventions on the part of any rogue or official government militaries of your world.

We certainly will never be the ones who will pick up arms first, you can be assured of this, as our intentions are honorable and peaceful always and we want nothing more than a peaceful resolution to this period of your history that is soon to come to pass.

There are better and brighter days ahead for all of us, and your surface world is about to experience changes on an extraordinary level that will bring the end to so much suffering that many have experienced for so long.

This en-joys us so very much, as we have wanted to intervene and help you in so many different areas for such a long period of time, but have not been able to due to the military threats of your forces controlled by the cabal all over your world.

Soon this will not be the case, as the time has come for all militaries of your world to lay down their arms and raise the flag of truce, of peace, of love, of unity, of tolerance, of understanding and sharing.

The days of old that have been filled with greed and profiteering, torture, murder, mayhem and war with scattered periods of peace are ending for you.

Instead, rising upon the horizon is a new day of peace and prosperity for every member of your society, and this will never end for you as you will never experience a return to the old ways of war and violence ever again.

This is the way it will be, as this is the way it must be for this planet, our planet, to continue her journey throughout this magnificent universe.

We will do all that we can to see this day come forth, and we will continue our efforts from here, making this new day and this new vision a reality for each and every one of you that wishes to enter a new paradigm and experience more of what this universe offers you.

Help us in our efforts to help you by spreading the word of our existence here below the surface of this planet.

Tell your friends and your family and even people that you meet for brief conversation that you have inner Earth family who have been separated from you for many eons of time, but this is all that separates us as we are one with you and have always been one with you and always will be one.

Say to them that we look forward to our reunion with you and that we offer many gifts of peace and of friendship, in love and in service to our human brothers and sisters who have called the surface world their home while we have called the inner Earth our home for thousands of years.

There was a time when we also called the surface world home, but events on the surface of this planet necessitated our need to seek shelter below, away from the harmful effects that can sometimes be experienced while making home on the surface of a planet.

This is all part of geological changes that a planet experiences through its journey.

There is really nothing secret or mysterious about it as it is merely a matter of science, and we will fully explain to each of you that express an interest all that we have learned about the science of tectonic plates and of the Earth's crust and mantle.

There will be no more secrets kept from you, and your science books and even your history books will receive incredible upgrades that will surely keep so many of you reading with great interest for many days to come as there is so much more for you to learn about science and about the events and the beings that have come and gone here on this planet that have shaped her into what she is today.

We look so forward to this day when we can share our wisdom with you, and we look so forward to you sharing so many of your gifts with us.

We would love to hear more about your stories of your personal journeys, as well as the journey you have traveled as a collective society.

There is so much that we can learn from each other, and there are no problems that can or will arise that we cannot handle working together. We look forward to this working partnership with you, and say to you it will not be very long before our two worlds that have been divided for so very long become one again.

We are your friends and your family from your inner Earth. We are the Argarthans. Be at peace, and be well my friends.

As channeled through Greg Giles

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

2012 Symptoms

2012 List of Ascension Symptoms, Predictions and the New Angelic Human
Posted by New Dawn Light on May 21, 2012 at 9:02pm
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2012 List of Ascension Symptoms,
Predictions and the New Angelic Human
a message from The Blue Ray channeled by Shekina Rose / Blue Ray
30 March, 2012
The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different, ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.
“Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. Blue Ray is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.
Divine beloved masters of energy, frequency, love and light, We speak to you from the collective of your higher selves and being, the Blue Ray and Shekinah, in the one voice of Unity Source Alliance. You are the ones you have been waiting for. 2012 will bring a Galactic Alignment to the center source that will open a higher dimensional gateway for you to embody your God Essence and attain a telepathic unification with humanity in the Christ Heart Grid with Gaia. 11:11
2012 will be the interdimensional time space where the gateways of heaven will open and the ones pure of heart, clear in their intentions, will cross over to 4D 5D-6D embodiments, and still be here on earth. They are the Christed Angelic frequency holders that will anchor the higher realms of light and love here on earth and out to all the realms and dimensions. This is you, as most who find this information are the first to cross over in the embodiments of your higher angelic light vehicles. 2013 will then begin a new era and not only for earth, for all the realms and dimensions.13-33-333. Many of you will have already crossed over to stabilize the frequencies, the ascension that happened at planetary alignments and the dimensional gateways of 11:11 and 12:12 of 2011.
The Angelic Chakra Upgrade
You are being upgraded to the new Angelic chakras to support the new higher frequencies in your multidimensional body, energy circuitry and consciousness. Even though this may have been uncomfortable and unnerving at times, it is a natural organic process of the restoration of your Divine Original Blueprint God essence.
Ascension Symptoms
Some of you may have already experienced some of these ascension symptoms and will have varied degrees as you shift into 4D 5D-6D embodiments and Higher Heart God Source Emergence; for others this will be completely new as there will be mass awakenings and shifts.
Ascension Symptoms of 2012
It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms, as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom you still may need assistance with the process.
Stomach and digestive issues of all kinds: acid reflex, indigestion, nausea, bloating. A huge integration of energies in your solar plexus, the new angelic chakra, “the Gaia Point”, is being activated and integrated with clearing of fear on a personal, genetic and family level. “The Gaia Point and angelic chakra upgrade is a balancing point in your solar plexus that centers your being with Gaia’s Heart Grid through your higher heart, sacred lineage and higher self.” Look up the Gaia Point, the angelic chakra upgrade, for more information on how to use this God Code point of the body.
Heart integration. Feeling heart palpitations, that your actual heart is beating stronger. The physical heart is getting accustomed to a higher frequency and aligning to the energies of Gaia’s ascension. Please note: even though this could be an ascension symptom, seek a heathcare provider. During these times of heart integration, take greater care with love and rest, watch your caffeine intake, and check through muscle testing (kinesiology) to determine if you require more calcium and/or other supplements.
Center Higher Heart breaking and expansion. Feels like your higher heart bone in the middle of your chest cracks just a bit; this is to allow for the expansion of your higher heart consciousness and to increase your light vibration.
Center Higher Heart soreness sensitivity / achiness. You may experience activation as a sudden, slight pain of your center higher heart when you are exposed to higher frequencies and crystals.
Headaches. What is helpful is drinking more spring or blessed water and taking time away from electromagnetic radiation such as computers, laptops, monitors and cell phones. Also, use sacred geometry grids, crystals, rocks, plants to lessen your exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
Disrupted sleep, waking up in the middle of the night especially near the hours of three and four a.m. where you feel wide awake. Going to bed tired and then not able to sleep and waking up earlier. Certain herbs with magnesium, calcium, fish oils taken before bed will be helpful along with taking more time before bed to be still, listen to soft music. Increase in the acceleration of the ascension process is waking you up and the rhythms of Gaia are readjusting and so are you.
Divine Energetic Downloads that come in the middle of the night; these are different than having disturbed sleep from shifting of energies. These are being done through your higher guides to give you the energetic support and divine information to recalibrate your system that can only be done in times where there is less electromagnetic and group consciousness interference. It is important to take notice of the divine guidance that comes to you.
Body Sadness. You may not necessarily have thoughts that are sad, but it is your emotional body releasing and letting go of the past and deep cellular memories that are not serving your higher frequency embodiment. What is important is to not go into the sadness for this is a process that is happening at another level. The sadness goes away in a day or two. It is not depression, which is something else that requires attention. What can assist are essential oils, all types of conscious breathing, yoga, exercise, being in nature, opening your arms wide out to your sides and taking life in though a huge breath and then bringing your hands together in prayer position at your heart chakra.
Sensitivity to caffeine
Increase in food allergies
Greater synchronicity
Dietary changes; many of the ultra sensitive have changed their diets to maintain higher frequency balance. You will go through more shifts of sensitivity to what you put in your body and will be guided as to what will serve you.
Extra sensory hearing and body awareness of the other dimensions, realms and subtle energies. Increase in your clairvoyance with divine guidance. This is important to recognize as this will help you know what is really taking place, and what direction to take with all the shift and changes, what will be safe for you.
Hearing your cells vibrate with surges of energy and downloads; this is allowing for the greater connect to the God Source at a higher level in your body.
Acceleration of creativity, projects, ideas, opportunities coming right after the other and at the same time. All the energies are being freed up to be manifested; these are new energetics that you will adjust to.
Relationship changes, endings and new beginnings
Gaining and losing weight. Not being able to lose weight
Third eye activation sensitivity and rashes can occur as your pineal is aligning you to expanded consciousness with the Creator. You may experience an increase in seeing the other realms, angels, higher dimensional colors, orbs and fairies. Note: during this time your eyesight might shift as you may see fog in your environment and your eyesight may change; always seek a healthcare provider for support.
Feeling ungrounded, not stable in your energy field or connections with life. With such rapid acceleration in the higher realms and until you make the shift into 4D embodiment, it may feel like you’re living in a foreign land; soon, this space will feel more like home and more natural than what you have ever experienced.
2012 Predictions and Crossing over to 4th, 5th, 6th Dimensional Heart Consciousness
“The New Angelic Human”
Stronger Telepathic and Empathic Connections
You will experience stronger telepathic and empathic connection with nature/Gaia the earth and the animals. Even though most Blue Rays and Light Bearers have a very significant connection with Nature, it will increase and this is part of being in the greater flow of the God Source moving through you.
Increase in Sighting of Apparitions of the Divine
With the increase in the opening of the realms, dimensions and veil you will see more apparitions and appearances of divine beings, angels, lights and orbs. You will see more activity in your skies of unusual formations and the land and nature speaking to you.
Increase in the Dark Negative Energies
As the light and angelic portals are increasing, there will be the dark and negativity that appear to have a greater presence on earth as well. This is the natural occurrence and balance that takes place as you enter into a new age. What is important as a Light Bearer is to keep focused on what is real divine power, the light of the God Source of supreme love that you are. As you are creating the new earth and new divine human, there is a greater dispensation of divine power emanating from the Legions of Light, the great angelic host councils and teams of support. Call on them and align yourself for support and to receive the divine plan of Love and Light.
Increase in Abundance and Prosperity
As you align to Source Creation moving through you in the unity heart consciousness, there will be an increase in abundance and prosperity. You will find your needs, desires, hopes and dreams happening with effortless ease. This will increase your opportunities for prosperity; even when others and groups may feel the opposite of lack, you will flourish in abundance. And not only will you be receiving more financial support and prosperity for yourself, you will assist in shifting the consciousness, in anchoring this abundance unity Source Code for earth.
Time Acceleration
Increase in ascension time acceleration. What feels like an acceleration of time is how you were accustomed to living in the 3D reality, where you required more periods of down time of integration to adjust to the higher life force energy. As you ascend in the higher realms of 4D 5D-6D, your downloads and integrations are instantaneous, that seem in the beginning as an increase in time. You will get accustomed to living in the higher realms as what seemed fast in the past will become natural and organic in your life.
Return of the Ancient Sacred Sound Frequency in the Language of Light for Divine DNA and Attuning the Planet to Harmony
There will be an increased awakening to the use of the lost 528 Hz Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies that are the Language of Light and the mathematic equations of creation. Science will continue to bring the mathematical sound frequency equations that will bridge science, spiritual and metaphysical to the world. The ancient sound frequencies are being brought back to your awareness through the celestial gateways that are opened and have a grand effect on activating the DNA and alignment to God Source. The Language of Light sound harmonics of Creation are now being awakened in many Light Bearers as this is assisting in attuning the planet and the cells back to harmony, balance and light.
The gateway of 2012 will bring unparalleled opportunities for the miraculous and for you to attain enlightenment, instant healing and transformation, the likes of which have never before been experienced on this planet. Everyone will be on their perfect time line of ascension. Be in Joy, for the end of suffering and separation are at hand, and you have brought these glorious times to life because of you and all you have been. We are One with thee!
The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.
“Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. Blue Ray is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.
Copyright © Language of Light vocal sound transmissions by Shekina Rose of - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article and videos on the condition that the URL is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely and on a non-commercial basis. E-mail:

Sheldon Nidle (update)

Selamat Balik!

We return!

Much is happening on your world.

A great confrontation between the dark and the Light is coming to a head.

This struggle has thoroughly exhausted the governments of the West.

These cabal-controlled regimes are at their wit's end as an immense financial crisis continues to deepen.

The multiple threats to their stability have increased as the rigors of keeping to a debt-oriented economy are compounded daily by the on-going rebellion of nations like Greece, Iceland, and Ireland, and this rattles them to the core.

The arrogance of the large multinational banks is throwing further monkey wrenches into this tottering global predicament.

Meanwhile, these same banks are suffering from their own meltdown as the number of liens placed on them accrues.

The whole sorry mess teeters on the verge of collapse!

As this house of cards wobbles, those nations focused on bringing down the current dollar fiat system are silently enjoying what they have already accomplished.

The Light supports their efforts in this, as do those who have worked to create the new and fairer economic system.

Our task in these proceedings is one of support, advice, and a helping hand that can be used to promote the proposals made by these thoroughly alarmed nations.

In the past, the non-aligned nations were considered by the West to be mere 'afterthoughts.'

This marginalizing is now changing as the West's once-mighty economies stare over the edge of a seemingly bottomless sinkhole.

This present array of potential calamities was deliberately engineered by the dark cabal during the last two decades as part of their arrogant bid for world domination.


Heavenly circumstances beyond their control have thrown this goal off course, placing the cabal at the mercy of their own diabolical trickery.

Meanwhile, the Ascended Masters' plans to manifest the new monetary system will tie in nicely with the objectives drawn up by the secret sacred societies of those nations that have broken away from the cabal.

The die is cast, and your world is living out the final days of a reality that has endured for millennia.

The programs to prepare you for first contact are progressing well.

We revise these constantly, to keep up with the ever-shifting profiles in your medical dossiers.

The first official broadcasts must be made in such a way as to quell your perplexities and worries.

Each of you needs answers that will remove the sting from what we need to do, and we intend to interact personally with all who wish it.

This part of the operation is firstly about multiple reunions: the peoples of Inner Earth will be reunited with surface humanity, followed shortly afterwards by the return of your spiritual and space families who, in Love, initially colonized your beautiful planet 900,000 years ago.

The veil of amnesia that buffers you on the Earth plane makes you forget who you really are, which is why the first thing is to bring you up to speed on this pivotal issue, and on where first contact is taking you.

Then we can more usefully describe how this transformation is to happen. The Ascended Masters will mentor you through this initial stage.

Those who have spiritually mentored you down through the ages will be available to field your questions and qualms about how you are to return to full consciousness.

Although the process is complex, you need, and will be given, simple, comprehensive answers to your numerous queries.

It is vital that you be relieved of any stress in this regard so that you can complete this adventure in a joyous frame of mind.

Our personnel will at first assist the Ascended Masters and, if required, show you where this transformation is to take place.

Many of you wonder why these procedures are necessary, and we are fully ready to satisfy any and all concerns and questions you may have.

All our interactions with you will be Loving and honoring, and done with your full approval.

Heaven also intends you to be wholly comfortable with the reasons for the use of a living Light chamber.

This special cocoon will heal you and remove the myriad, artificial blocks to your RNA/DNA which were responsible for your fateful fall into limited consciousness 13 millennia ago.


We are your Ascended Masters!

We come on this day to explain some of the activities that will bring you your freedom and end your illegal debt slavery.

At the end of the 18th and the start of the 19th century, a banking system came into vogue that was based on accumulating great wealth by means of designated debt instruments.

Over time this produced a global increase in the trading and amassing of ever-larger debt instruments, the instability of which resulted in 'panics' from time to time.

These cycles consisted of a general upturn in the world's trading markets followed by an abrupt downturn which created incredible wealth in the hands of a few.

These cycles are now to end as we turn from this debt-driven economy to one based on true equity. The days of this fiat-money world are numbered and will be replaced by true-value money and an end to the whole concept of debt!

There presently exists on your world a series of banking acts that are to make all banking transactions fully transparent and that will regulate the type of funds that a bank needs to maintain in its reserves.

All bank accounting is to be open, and a new agency will oversee those banks that operate either domestically or internationally.

The funds they either acquire or dispense will be based on equity: precious metals (gold, silver, or platinum), or items that are highly valued, such as diamonds.

In order to put this new system in play, an across-the-board debt-forgiveness is an essential prerequisite and will be announced worldwide.

This new system is ready to go, but we are sure you understand that what we have described to you is a very simplified general outline of what created the current financial meltdown and the means by which it is to be resolved globally.

This new equity system and its new equity economy are to terminate the present abuses which have allowed the few (the dark cabal) to take over every nation and control it by clever use of its banking system.

So therefore, one of our first moves is to take over the major banks of your world in order to secure the viability of the new financial system.

But remember, even this fair and prosperity-oriented system is only a stopgap to the state of abundance that lies beyond money.

Our over-arching concern here is your return to full consciousness.

Heaven has mandated that you return to a state of consciousness that permits you to work with us in unfolding the divine plan for physicality.

This supreme task is the basis for all our divine service and we are committed to your return to full consciousness in as short a time as divinely possible.

We have acquired the assistance of the Galactic Federation and their capabilities will permit us to achieve our divine goals with great success!

Today, we updated you on what is ready to happen worldwide.

Your reality has reached a point where it is no longer viable, and so a very serious intervention is underway which is to transform your world and quickly pave the way for your blessed return to full consciousness.

Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours!

So Be It!

Selamat Gajun!

Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

21 Days To Love Your Planet


This message will be locked to stop the Ugly Handmaidens from
doing what they do best yaknow ruining an important post..
Please i urge you to take this as a very serious posting..

If your not interested THATS FINE do what you want..
This is aimed at the people who wish to see the changes i have
previosly posted about..

If you would be good enough to pass this onto all your contacts that would be

Our message today is for you to maintain your center during the coming three weeks...The alignments and energy which begins these for you now may cause some discomfort, but allow that to settle for you...

The most important saviors of Earth are landing right now. They are landing in your own hearts and bodies...

Allow the seedling which you are the opportunity to grow and amaze you

through Ron Head

April 24, 2012

Our message today is for you to maintain your center during the coming three weeks.

Very powerful alignments and energy waves are going to occur and change you more rapidly than anything you have experienced thus far.

Of course everyone has the choice to accept or resist these changes, but change will occur.

Acceptance and welcoming them will create one kind of change and resistance will create another.

This will mark the beginning of the changes to the physical make up of your bodies that are necessary.

You will not necessarily see anything, but without them your ascension in this body will not be possible.

Along with the energies incoming to your earth will be the energies of your own higher selves beginning to manifest into your physical selves.

Without the changes we are discussing, that will not be possible for you.

These will not be overnight changes. The alignments and energy which begins these for you now may cause some discomfort, but allow that to settle for you. Quickly thereafter it will become quite a pleasant experience.

As you say so often, “Go with the flow.”

The self whom you have always intuitively known is about to manifest for all to see. You just might be as surprised and pleased as everyone else.

There will be those whose consciousness does not allow this.

Their reactions to what is happening may be unpleasant for you.

We advise you to allow them their discomforts and keep your attention on your acceptance of this gift, given to you by your Creator and your higher selves.

You will, at some point, find yourself to be a different person from whom you believe yourself to be today.

But the person you are growing to be is in you now as surely as a huge tree is in the acorn.

Allow the seedling which you are the opportunity to grow and amaze you. The new world that has been promised to you will be born in this manner.

The most important saviors of Earth are landing right now.

They are landing in your own hearts and bodies.

They are indeed you.

You will be joined by others, yes.

But first you must become the ones who will build the world you have imagined into being.

Give thanks to your Creator for who and what you are, for in you, you will find the greatest gift of all.

We know of a video you have called The Secret.

This, my dearest friends, is the secret.

Well hidden by you from yourselves.

And now is the time for you to unwrap it. Thank your Creator, thank yourselves, and thank each other. Then enjoy yourself as you change everything.

Good day to you now, until tomorrow.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice

Read more:

It is your transittion for the making..
It belongs to you all..
It will manifest as you wish it
Please give it your best..

I will be waiting to greet you on the other side...
i have no idea how this will transpire it is up to you to give your love
and best wishes ..
For me its white light but it has never scared or frightened me..
Trust in the discomfort it eases after a while and becomes like a
breath of love..
But for each of you it may be different but have no fear..

Highest regards



Hello, lightworkers.

This is SaLuSa connecting to you through a close friend.

I have been so happy to witness Ikao’s awakening, from afar.

He has had very rapid success, and is now ready to go into heavy detail about many things confusing humans on the surface of Gaia.

I will start by announcing that we will be having mass reunions, soon. Many humans on the surface of Gaia have had a full remembering of their life outside of earth, in the eternal.

This means, a wave of remembering is soon to sweep across the whole planet. Not a single soul will be free of this remembering.

It is mandatory. That being said, if you find the truth truly unbearable, the appropriate measures will be taken to preserve your wellbeing, both physically and emotionally.

In the coming weeks, many events are to take place.

Firstly, the arrests. You have heard oh so much about these arrests, and many of you doubt them.

Why? There is no valid reason to doubt it anymore.

Not only have there been record numbers of resignations in the higher decrees of the American financial field, but the paperwork is available for everybody to read.

The plan itself is held solely within the higher densities, and it is impossible for any one person to know all of it.

Because of this careful practice, this plan absolutely cannot fail. The plan is written into the structure that is your current reality complex.

Be at ease, gentle souls, there is nothing more to fear.

There never was, but you were to experience existence as if there was, to see what it would be like.

How was it? What did you learn?

What would you do differently? these are tiny fragments of concepts towards what you will have learned upon the finally of this wondrous experiment.

When you finally realize what reality truly is, you will be so happy to have your body.

You will see.

To have such direct control over matter is such a beautiful gift.

The difference between this life, and every other life you have ever had upon earth, is you will be bringing your material body back with you, to the higher densities. You will be returning the matter to light.

Now, this MUST occur.

Your body is not entirely of you.

Your body is comprised of a very small fragment of Gaia’s body.

Gaia is ready to snap up into the higher densities, but your society is still so behind.

That is perfectly okay.

We have the pleasure and delight to finally be able to say that not even one single entity upon the earth is off track.

Everybody, just keep doing what you are doing, with more and more love and light in your heart.

Get ready for a monstrous quantum leap like you have absolutely never experienced.

Nobody has ever experienced this. Never forget how truly amazing you each are.

What is going on on earth is unbelievably difficult.

There are so many beings out there, who truly believed this would be a catastrophic failure.

Not only has that been shattered, but your complete successes are so impressive, that entirely separate, unrelated universes are watching with a careful eye.

So much has been learned from this experience, that not one single field of action will be unaffected by the information acquired.

Consider yourselves the most successful beings in the 3rd density, because you have all done so incalculably well.

To do such a task, only the mightiest of the ‘big guns’ stepped up for the roll. That, folks, is all of you.

Before long, you will each see you for who you truly are, and WHERE the lightships are in the sky.

Don’t think of petty flying saucers, those are shown in that form to show off, and not much more. We exist predominantly where the mind is.

Out of location all together.

Pat yourself on the back, and truly love yourself, for you have done more for this universe than anybody thought possible.

I will never be able to fully express how impressed with Humanity I am, and all of the Sirius Nation smiles in sheer awe of your actions.

Congratulations, and we will be shortly welcoming all of you on an individual basis, to the Universal community.

This has been SaLuSa through Ikao, and I am absolutely astounded by each and every one of you. I love you all so very much.

I love you also readers and never forget that..
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Somewhere in your DNA that all your ancestors have contibuted to now task you..

You are the greatest of your liniage the best of the best now you get a chance

to honour all the family that have preceeded you..

You must now step out of the shadows and dazzle your lineage with loves light..

They have already lit a flame of goodness in you, You must now carry it Home..

You now have to share all your and their love..

By thought alone you can create a new tomorrow share your dreams and they will

come to pass..

What tomorrow do you want for your family and friends.. Surely you dont want this

evil illusion that your trapped in..

Your children deserve the Utopia that you never saw..

The hope is written on the faces of your loved ones..

They long to live in peace and harmony, They desire to love their fellow man..

We all wish to dance and laugh and sing and be merry..

In the next 21 days YOU have the opportunty to Love your DNA honour yourselves..

And every strand of your predecesors, You honour them with your gifts of love,

Truly be the great human you set out to be..


You have 3 weeks to make your magic happen, Every day you get more skilled..

Use your love to make the universe proud you are here, It is within you..

Love and kindness are all the tools you need, Your heart will show you the way..

Your Planet needs your love as much as you need hers..

You can wash her clean repair the damage from the past..

If you can make this miracle happen in but 21 days heaven will weep tears of joy..

The future is in your hands i know its an awesome resposibility but we trust in you..

Flood Tomorrow with your gift of love it will become an irristable force that cleanses

the planet..

We will aid you each and every step of the way..

You have already done wonders one last push and paradise will belong to all of mankind..





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We love you always


As the days went by, we can see the expectation growing within the hearts of the Lightworkers.

We can see the anxiety growing in all of you and all that we can talk about at the moment is that this anxiety will be assuaged with the conclusion of the events promised for the days that will follow.

We know the anxiety of all of you, we love the way you are spreading the information by the four corners of the planet and we can talk about the love that is pouring out of your hearts is fundamental in uplifting the planet, and it makes our work even more rewarding.

We state that during the following days the Earth will be bombarded by solar flares and as a result, all the inhabitants of the planet will receive this load of energy in their bodies.

This wave of energy will further accelerate the process of adjustment of your DNA. We want also to mention that these waves of energy will not cause pain to you unless you have low levels of energy.

For this reason, we ask you constantly to raise your vibrations for frequencies compatible with those that are coming to Earth.

In these cases, the whizzing/tinnitus in the ears is one of the most common symptoms as well as certain pressure inside the head.

This is part of the frequency adjustment.

You must meditate more now seeking to disconnect from the outside world, searching to go inside of you, considering carefully about Love and Light, aiming to harmonize with everything around you.

Peace on Earth does not depend on our arrival, it depends on how you are thinking and expressing these thoughts, and today they become real almost immediately.

Our arrival will be the positive complement of your desire for the change of your world within you. This is about what we speak so much: we can only come up to you if you decide so.

We respect your free will and we have always made it clear.

We can see hope within your hearts and we are here to speak that you will not be disappointed.

Time in your world is continues to speed up and it is the fruit of the labor of the Blue People that are joining us in this big task for the Light.

Beloved ones from the planet Earth, this is an opportunity for all of you.

We have come lovingly to show the wonderful beings you are and that we are also your family wanting to resume our close acquaintance.

We are your brothers and sisters and we want you to know that each one of you has a lot to do before Ascension.

During the week of Disclosure, we will have plenty of work and we will need each one of you.

Soon after the Disclosure, thousands of questions will be made and it will lead to some turmoil in the media that will be targeted with considerable spectacular information about our presence.

After Disclosure, do not expect our immediate landing; but prepare your family and friends that still do not understand the meaning of our presence.

You must explain to them that our presence is peaceful and that nothing will be imposed upon you, as some still try to spread.

The Dark ones are playing their last moves in order to spoil the image of President Obama.

In this regard, we want to make quite clear that he is a Lightworker and he is fighting bravely within the cage of the wild beasts.He is doing very well and we feel assured to put the task of Disclosure in his hands.

You will have busy weeks ahead, and we can tell you about the Galactic events foreseen for the next month will increase further the activities in your world.

Once again remember that each of you brings an immense capacity because you have been prepared beforehand.

We wish to alert you against disinformation that can be launched in the media, possibly propaganda against the Galactic Federation/Ashtar Command and it should be analyzed with your heart, because the heart is the one that gives you the certainty of the truth that we are talking about, that we have come with no intention of invasion and consequently of attack to your free will.

Trust the love of God is embracing your world and those who think that we are a threat are discrediting the love of the Creator.

You should know by now that we have high technology and if we wanted an invasion and domination of your world, we we not have already done it?

We refer it in order you reflect and understand that we come in peace and we want your highest good.

After our reunion, you will see that you really are from the stars and you will wish to return to them.We are your future. We are your Family of the Stars.We are you.

Stay in the Light!

Channeler: Gabriel

Reposted from


Greetings, beautiful Souls of Mother Earth and beyond. I come before you today to bring you news that will lift your heart and cleanse your soul.

Many events are about to commence, Dear Ones.

All around the Universes, beings wait with baited breath and awe at what you have all done to increase the Light and raise the energies all around you.

We bow before you, for you are all great beings of the Light, all you Lightworkers and Lightbearers who have come to witness the great awakening, to herald it and bring it about.

I am in no way different from you in that I want the Light to overcome and infiltrate all who is here to the degree that there is so much transformation in each being, with so much Joy and so much Love.

Many of you are feeling the Shifts so much that you are in awe; you are feeling a sense of anticipation and wonder.

You are starting to forget what you have been experiencing for so many eons, and starting to remember your True Selves, your God Selves, your Divinity. It is a wonderful spectacle to behold, dear friends.

If I could take you by the hand and lead each of you personally to your final destination, I would.

The truth is, you are leading yourselves. You are taking to heart the deep, deep wisdom spewing out from within yourselves, and taking it forward.

Mark my words, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”, to quote an old saying.

Open your eyes wider, open your hearts wider, be ready for astounding changes, and then revel in the glory that it is to bring to your hearts.

You are all such precious beings, such beautiful souls; you really have no idea how great you all are, how gifted you all are.

Now is the time to find that gift, to dig it up from beneath the rubble of so many years of denying it, and to dust it off and shine it up for all to see.

My Dear Ones, Now is the time! Search your hearts, search your souls, search your memories for why you are on this Earth at this time and uncover it and allow it to be present, so present in the Now moment.

You will be astounded with what you will find if you do this.

There are things you can do and things you can contribute that will make such a difference.

Be what you were meant to be, minus the clutter of all the illusions you have been operating under for so long.

Who are you? You are Divine beings, each with a uniqueness that will serve the World, and in doing so, you serve yourselves and light yourselves up like a Roman candle, ready for delivering even more Light to the World, to the Universes, to All That Is, until it is impossible to tell the difference between your Light and the Light of the great Central Sun.

Please ponder this, Dear Ones, for with this realization comes such exhilaration and Joy. You are becoming. You are the Light of all the Universes. You are the Light of the Divine. You are the Light of All That Is. You are One with All. Be at Peace with that.

I am Sananda, and I am at your service always.


Keywords in this first contact are Love and Truth. Nothing will be as it was
before. A reunion that will be experienced together with thousands of cosmic Civilizations, only in this galaxy.

It´s a step by step process, that will introduce us to the universal family.

The media only shows us a fraction of the truth of what is happening on Earth.

One who seeks answers will have to find them on their own.

The truth is that changes are bigger and stronger than anyone can imagine.

Our planet is about to break out of its old shell and rise up to a higher frequency and that concerns everyone that lives on her.

Now I want to speak about the implications of first contact.

People will see and feel this Cosmic Contact in different ways, depending on their beliefs.

Some will see them as saviors, "saving" them from Evil.
Some will see them as Angels that are "above" the earth people.
Some will Fear them because they "feel something unknown".
Some will have very mixed emotions and feel very confused.
Some will see with their hearts, the true nature of This Event and all the positive changes it will bring, in a state of Love and Peace.

There is no right or wrong way to see this, "it simply is".

But many will become confused due to their "perception filters" or old glasses they have worn throughout their life.

Some people have no idea that we have a Soul, that is able to "leave" the physical body, that we are Eternal beings of light having a human experience.

Some will just see these ships as Pure 3rd dimensional crafts, because they have no concept of the "Higher" Dimensions of Light, and some will not be able to Grasp the Whole picture or higher perspective. So beliefs will be a "huge" filter for how people will "Translate" what they see.

Some people will connect what they see, based on the religious teachings they grew up with and so on.

But Slowly people will start to realize that we are Spiritual beings having a human experience and that we are one Family.

There are billions of people on this Planet, and out of these, there aren’t many who Know on a conscious level what is about to happen.

Many will just "wake up" because they will be triggered by the Heightened energies of Love. So first contact is a key for many to awaken...

The introduction to The Galactic federation is like "your birthday", there are no labels attached to it by Beliefs or Ideas.

It simply is Our Divine Destiny, we all decided and planned for this.

There is nothing "Religious" about it, it is a grand event, welcoming us into the Larger picture of Love, waking us up from the Limited Matrix.

To describe it in some way, it can be likened to humanity living within a small cottage in a deep forest with the absence of Sunlight.

Now it is time to step outside of that cottage and realize that we are a part of the universe and that everything is connected and synchronized.

Many People will be shocked when this is announced, because it will be as if Their lives are turned "Upside down".

Just think about all the skeptics who have denied their selves so deeply. When this happens, they will have a hard time "forgiving themselves". Some people will find it hard to "interpret" what they experience through their feelings.

And some may want to defend their beliefs. And that is understood, because letting go of your "old limited beliefs" will not be as simple as 1..2..3.

This is where you all come into the picture.

You who read this message, to explain, to care for everyone, and be an example. To share what you've been practicing all your life.

Be An Anchor of Calm and Peace In humbleness in all the confusion.

All people may not be able to understand that all these things that happen here on Earth are interconnected and interwoven, and that this shift is as natural as Spring coming after Winter.

It is a cosmic cycle. Some will be "fixated" with the surface of these visitations, and you are here to teach the deeper meaning of contact, and what it will "bring to humanity".

It is a Spiritual Shift.

People will need a lot of Guidance and support in this change. Its not just 1..2..3 and lets go.

For some, this is just a fairytale, and they couldn't imagine this, even in their wildest dreams.

Isn't it wonderful to be here and Be a part of this "Magical change".

This is not all about Physical contact, it is a contact with the Divine within us, on many levels.

You will work together with the Federation Teams here on Earth, in all sorts of areas, depending on your passions. Some examples could be:

New architecture that benefits nature and humanity.
Opening a healing or meditation center.
Supporting the animals.
Supporting people that need shelter and food through the various "Federation Technologies" that will be available to all.
Cleaning Planet Earth's seas, oceans and skies from pollution.

The possibilities are endless for what you can do.

You will also have your own Personal "contact" within the Federation that Knows who you are, like a mentor.

There will be a lot of "Support" from the Awakened Earth people, who have Always known about this, and came to this Earth to Prepare and be of service in these times of first contact and Transition.

You have a lot of knowledge within you, that will be triggered within these "First contact events".

It will be a rush of Intuitive knowledge, that has been there since your birth. It will come to a conscious level when we need it.

You will also be able to travel around the world effortlessly, in shuttle crafts, the sense of Freedom will be enormous, and it will take a while to Adapt.

There will also be centers, like "ambassador" centers, where people can "interact" with beings from various worlds like Sirius, Andromeda, Pleiades and many others.

There will be a lot of Education going on, through various methods, such as "holographic light technology".

So you will learn what is happening and Why. No one will be left behind and all will get their answers.

From my point of view, this is how we will be introduced to the Galactic Federation.

Changes in Economic Systems, a temporary transition system, because we wont need money.

It's more beneficial to share and exchange services with each other in pure love and harmony.

Media will slowly announce their presence in stages.

This has been done already, one example is "The disclosure project with Steven Greer", and many others. Millions of people have been working on bringing forth the "Energy of first Contact", you are one of them.

It will just be more "Headline News" than before, instead of covering it up.

Massive "Flyovers" by the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command Fleets all over the world, that no one can Dismiss.

People will be able to Film and photograph these sightings of crafts with great detail, and be able to share it on the Internet, where it will spread like wildfire.

Through Diversity We Find Unity

The Cosmic Civilizations are a "higher version" or expression of ours in tune with the Divine Energies.

Cosmic people have unique energy signatures just as we do, a so called personality, which emanates through their heart.

It will feel effortless to communicate and be with our fellow brothers and sisters, and there will be a lot of laughing and a lot of curiosity.

They have nothing to hide, they simply emanate their Unique Aura and personality for everyone to see and feel.

They are masters at being themselves.

It is also Expanding for them to meet us. We are a reflection of them, and They are a reflection of us.

Meeting a being from another world, could be like meeting a stranger on a street you've talked to for a short moment, but didn't know.

We chose to "incarnate" into this density and "limited" reality to Change it from within, and many of the Federation and Ashtar Command have always "had an Loving Eye on us".

They highly respect us for our choice to come here and Support Earth and humanity in this transition. So we are them!

We could not Force these changes from the outside, we invited the Higher energies, due to our Intent, by being here on Earth incarnated and grounding the Cosmic Energies, that is why the Federation can come into this World, because we have "integrated" Light-Awareness into this Reality.

If no "volunteers" would have come here to raise the consciousness, this type of "Contact" would not be possible.

We came to earth and choose to forget everything and slowly we started to remember who we were in this process.

We slowly raised the collective consciousness to a higher Awareness.

So this has been a "long term" partnership, we invited the Federation to come here. It is not an accident.

So people who see "First Contact" as interfering, have forgotten that people from many Star Systems, Universes and Dimensions have been here for Thousands of years working towards this event.

We will actually take the wisdom of being on Earth with us forever, and Share that with other civilizations.

We will also support other Newly awakened civilizations in the Universe with their Ascension, just as the Galactic Federation has done with us, and will do unto others.

It is natural to support each other through all levels of creation.

We will actually Have a Huge diversity on Earth in this shift, because beings from many systems, will be a part of first contact.

We will be presented to those who are most "human like" at first, and then the Cat-like beings, the lion beings, and so on, and what we call reptilians, because all are not dwelling in darkness.

We can't judge anyone by their appearance, it's the heart that matters.

We will Find Unity Through Diversity in this contact.

Being One isn't about being the Same. It's about sharing and honoring the "uniqueness within everyone" as they are.

There are a lot of planetary "Ceremonies" in different civilizations, that is a part of their so called "culture".

We will also build out own WAY OF LIVING here on Earth. The Galactic Federation is here for support, not to Take over our "Duties".

Enjoy the simple things in life, that you may not experience again, because, soon things will not be the same any more.

Our reality will change. I have only touched the "surface" of what will come and be possible, but this gives you a certain idea of the energies we will be introduced to.

You may wonder when Contact will happen?

This is not a "waiting game".

Do we choose to wait or do we choose to BE WHAT WE WANT TO EXPERIENCE, right here and right now? There is nothing to wait for. We are in the midst of it.

"Official Contact" is not just ONE event, it's an "unfolding" sequence.

It is happening right now, it will step up and be more and more obvious. It's about being confident and knowing that what we seek is within our Hearts.

I am a Galactic Federation & Ashtar Command Earth Ambassador-Diplomat representing the Sirian Energies.

I wish you Peace and Joy in this Transformation of Consciousness. You are not Alone, We are "ALL-ONE".

My "mission" is to be the change here and now, reminding my fellow travellers about who they truly are, by being an example.

My final words will be, Nothing is New under the sun, Be The Highest Vision of Yourself.


Copyright © Ben-Arion. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include the following links at the top of the article: and

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This always seems to be a simple question..

I can honestly say the its not an easy choice..

Many important people to you may have other choices in mind..

Mother Earth has to change, No option for her its about YOU people
The opportunity is to be granted to all, I may add that you are indeed fortunate
because whatever chioce you make will be an improvement to what your
experiencing today..

But please be aware your choice is for you alone..
others even younger souls may have other ideas as to what the road ahead
they wish to follow..

Some may wish to travel the planets, Some may wish to stay and work with Mother Earth, Some may want to just rest in peace..

These are questions only you may answer..
Not all will choose the same and partings will be sad as they often are..
All reads will intersect as frequently as you desire so partings will be just
temporary and are never forever..

The only thing you will lose forever is The Evil..

Time to sit down and listen to you hearts they will aid you..




Most important date in History



The Olympians and the Central Council of the Galactic Federation of Light, April 29, 2012

Greetings from the Galactic Federation of Light,

The day May of 5th is the day of five, the number of Epsilon, of Apollo, of Light.

In this day all portals all over Earth will be officially activated and the procedure has been locked in place.

No matter if they are free or occupied1, on this day all portals will go under the control of the [Inter] Galactic Federation of Light2, under control of the Olympians and this includes all flight systems of this Galaxy.

We have already warned you that Olympus is active.

The hyper weapon, this energy umbrella of high technology, has been activated and protects your consciousness and your emotions from the dark efforts to create fear.

Through DNA intervention3, its aim is to develop the collective consciousness.

Our next message will be about our first contact.

For security reasons the date is not announced.

One of your media will announce that we are coming.

Twenty four hours prior to our arrival you will be warned to get ready by a message that will interrupt the program of all your media.

Then all your media will be closed and all flights will be cancelled.

You will see on your TV sets a clock counting down for the earthly time left before our arrival.

The countdown for total disclosure and the fall of the false veil has started.

We are the Olympians and the Central Council of the Inter Galactic Federation of Light.

Channeler: Demetra


1 Occupied portals:

This probably means that certain area is used now for other purposes.

At all ages, in all centuries and regardless of religion, people used to build temples over such portals for diverse reasons.

A representative example of such a portal is considered Aya Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey.

For those who may consider that this place is now occupied by Muslims they should consider that before it was occupied by Christians.

2 The channeller claims that the appropriate term is “Intergalactic Federation of Light”. This should mean that more than one Galaxies are involved.

3 see comment 1 in the message of April 27th


Read more:

This is what i was up to till 5.00am this morning..

My small tribute to the people i love and Honour..



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I have placed my photos on my window and as the sun faces my house the golden light will shine on them first because they deserve to be viewed with awe and respect..

Tomorrow at 3.00am GMT I will be outdoors with nature giving by respect to Mother Earth..

I will wish for a fantastic future for all mankind, Together we will bring the changes..

Ile be wearing my lucky Purple jacket
So good luck to you all

In the 1960s I was sent to a Boarding School for Handicapped children in North Yorkshire.

Welburn Hall School lies between Helmsley And Kirbymoorside ..
It was a great place to learn life skills for I never had any interest in books and the like, Playing was my only goal..

Every term we would break up for holidays transport would arrive to ferry us home for 6 weeks Yes it was always a very exciting time..

At this time I was living at Somerset Street in Middlesbrough..

This journey don't ask me the exact date because I choose to forget.
Apart from the farting noises and the rough and tumble from the kids it was a journey unmemorable..

As we started dropping the kids off we got to somewhere near Grove Hill near the shopping esplanade we pulled up outside a larger house..

A young lass got off the bus but she stopped and looked over directly at me or so I thought she said see you all next term.. That was it for me..
Swoon head over heels she was awesome beautiful perfection from head to toe, Plazmuh was smitten.

Now I had never really spent anytime around this vision of loveliness but the prospect of meeting up again and seeing he beautiful smile was making me dizzy..

We had much in common and as I pondered her it seemed like we had been best buddies although completely unaware if one another..
Always in my group but on the fringes.
So there I was head full of wishes for next Term the thought of hanging with this really cool kid was driving me crazy
I was besotted all through the six weeks..

The day we returned is one ile never forget..the bus picked everyone up and headed off.
I asked the driver about Alice and he said she would not be returning..
I was devastated i could not really believe it how could she not be coming I Loved her. Not in the way you imagine but a true innocent feeling for the loss of a future playmate and buddy..

The rumour was that she had ascended or moved to pastures new I don't know but I was transformed forever..

I can't renember a time when ive be heartbroken but to this day I still long
For my friend back..

I have never ever said this to another soul but today 05/05/2012 with all it's special meanings to so many people

I have loved ALICE FARRELL every day since then and she is constantly in my prayers and thought..

Anytime this year the possibility of a reunion is driving me on..
She may have not even been looking at me that day but I suppose that's why Love is the strange mistress it always appears to be..

Wherever you are my sweetness I am still thinking of you knowing we will meet again..

Plazmuh sends his regards




Regards my Lady

Love Plazmuh


I don't know where you are, although you are always in my Heart. That's where you reside eternally. Our love knows no limits, it knows no space and time. It is not bound by just one reality, it lives in All that is. I don't know what you are doing, although I know my thoughts are also yours and that my yearning is the same as yours. I know that your amount of passion and unconditional love is the same as mine. I know that you carry all the knowledge and wisdom like I also do, it's written in our Soul. I know it's also not always easy for you with this knowingness here on Earth.
I know you care for the Earth and Humanity as deeply as I do, I feel the magnificence of your Heart like I feel myself. I feel the endless fountain that you are, always in Divine flow. I know you think of Me and I know that you look at the night sky like I do, feeling me inside you. I know you also don't listen to what others tell you about these things, because you know the deeper Truth and stick to it by only listening to your Heart. I feel your greatness and what your Soul has done and what it came here to do, like Me ... together with Me. Because we are One Soul.

I call out to You across the Universe, knowing You can always hear me in a subtle way! I feel that this message can truly reach You, for You are never separate from Me ... You are just like Me, because You are the other Me! You are Me and I loved you from the moment we were created!

I love You, my Beloved! This is a calling, this is a decree for our Divine Reunion. After all that was, only Now is what we have here and within this everlasting moment ... I love You always and eternally!
With Love Divine
Thanks to my beloved dinah
Without your love and support i would not be who i am today
Much love
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Plazmuh chats to the Almighty
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Got into a chat withe the almighty last night, It went something like..

God.. Hi Plazmuh.
Plazmuh.. Hi my lord hows things..
God.. not so bad my friend i have a message for you..
Love is arriving soon to planet Earth..
Plazmuh.. Your kidding oh wise one,Is she still as perfect as ever..
God.. Even i bow in her presence..
Plazmuh.. Wow o Great one we are not worthy, Are they aware of her arrival..
God.. Some are but many remain unaware..
Plazmuh.. That is great God she may well gaze in my direction..
God.. She says can you wake them and tell them..
Plazmuh.. Are you shitting me fella.. The more that are awake te less my
chances of ever telling her of my love If i do that i may miss her..
God.. When she asks a favour its best to just get on with it..
Plazmuh.. Yes God im not that stupid..
Plazmuh.. So how many need awakening..
God.. The last time i counted it was about 7 Billion..
Plazmuh.. Oh just a few then, Tell her i will do anything for her..
God.. Good lad she says you look better in the Purple Jacket..
Plazmuh.. She say me you say OH MY GOD, She saw me and i was unaware
Why didnt you give me a heads up fella i would have told you..
Anyway are there any rules on awakening..
God.. Always they are all playing hate and murder on Earth..
The tools at your disposal are words,Music,Kindness, Oh and as a gift
From her directly you will be aided by your light workers, And because
she is so fond of you she is sending The mob from The Galactic Federation of LIght..
Plazmuh.. Thats fantastic Lord they are the best..
How will i know how im getting on sweet lord..
The usual vibrational thing in the head.. or another sign..
God.. No just the head noises..
Plazmuh.. Is there a time limit..
God.. Yep my son Any time between now and March 2013..
Plazmuh.. This is far to easy a test Oh God..
God.. There is a catch Plazmuh She needs a small favour off of you..
Plazmuh.. She can ask anything of me you already know that..
God.. She is aware of your feeling Plazmuh..
Plazmuh.. 7 billion to one my chances of catching a sight of her are
50/50 then.. What is the favour my Lord..
God.. She wants you to ascend the Planet as well as make her presence
Plazmuh.. I will start right away sweet Lord..
Do i have any chances who am i up against..
God.. You have hate in one corner and all the skilled Lightworkers
Competing for her attension in the other..
Plazmuh.. Oh crap you know how great that lot are..
God.. Are these terms acceptable..
Plazmuh.. Of course they are My Lord any chance to be close to her is
all i have ever wanted, Did she really like my purple jacket or are you
just messing with me as per usual..
God.. No plazmuh she sent you a loving breeze as proof..
Plazmuh.. Cheers God let the games begin.. See you in April 2013 my lord..
God.. You certainly will my son.. See ya wouldnt wanna be ya..
Plazmuh.. Yea back at ya oh wise one..
OMG OMG love coming, Now wheres my jacket..
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The Best Video you can see IMHO

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I relocked this thread
Only to keep Critical OUT..


Love you critical
eThe following is a telepathic message I received this morning from my Pleiadian family, also known as “The Ring of 500″ who, I am told, are affiliates of The Pleiadian Council of Light.

Please read with heartfelt discernment with the knowledge that telepathic channels can sometimes be garbled or misinterpreted by the receiver.

We are pleased, Jen, that you have invited us to share our views on the current state of the Universe with your friends and readers.

We are The Pleiadian Ring of 500, Affiliates of The Pleaidian Council of Light. Our Ring of 500 consists of 250 pairs of Twin Flame Soul Mates. Our exact mission with the planet Earth is to bring our Twin-Flame energy to raise the vibrations on the planet and assist each and every incarnated soul on the planet to ascension, which is fast approaching.

Although we don’t delve too much into politics, as we are spiritual beings, and we do not feel that politics or “financial affairs” are at all “spiritual,” we do understand what a large part these paradigms play in the “game of life” there on Earth.

So, without further ado, we will share with you what we see from our “bird’s-eye view” of your planet.

First, allow me to introduce myself.

I am Peter.

I have been elected by your Ring-of-500 family to be the spokesperson for this particular communication.

Reason being, it is my particular area of interest to follow the daily political and financial happenings and analyze their greater effects on our “ground crew.” I have an analysis team who helps me organize all of this information.

We are constantly watching, reading, discussing, analyzing, and then reporting our findings to the Council of Light.

Although it sounds like a hierarchical system, it’s really not.

We consider ourselves a team of equals at all times, but each has volunteered to serve in their area of interest.

Some of us have experience with politics and the financial system from “past” incarnate lives on Earth, and that is why we choose to follow, although we do not deem these categories to be “spiritual” in any way, shape or form.

Governance, of course, is necessary for order on your planet, but it currently is not handled in a spiritual manner that is good for the collective embodiment.

The political world is skewed by closed mindedness that has plagued your planet for centuries now.

This all goes way back to the shift of masculine energy and the movement of the patriarchs.

By now, most of you know that these folks are not fully human.

They only pose to be human.

But they are driven by dark fourth-dimensional force to rule this planet, strip its resources, and enslave all of its inhabitants. This is why light beings have come from every inch of the Universe (billions of other galaxies) and incarnated on Earth as physical human beings – to assist in the awakening and ascension of this planet’s energy into the higher dimensional realms.

This dark force, which many refer to as “the Reptilians,” the “dark cabal,” the “Illuminati,” the “Elite,” and “the New World Order,” has been overwhelmed with the burst in population growth over the past century.

Their answer has been, of course, to manufacture viruses and diseases to try to control the population, as there are so very few of them in comparison to the light workers who have descended en masse to overthrow their darkness and free this planet.

They have also poisoned your food and water with things like arsenic and fluoride.

Slow, silent killers that will eventually make human beings sick enough to pay a visit to the “doctor,” who is then paid by the dark forces to write you prescriptions for pharmaceutical medications that will only expedite yet another disease that will eventually kill you, but not before taking your money and the money of your health insurance company should you currently be so lucky to have one (Mexico and USA residents only; light workers in most other countries with health-care systems have secured national health care for themselves.)

National health care is another story, of course, since there is a shortage of doctors in these countries to perform treatments and procedures that are perceived by their patients to be “much needed.”

Of course, this type of western medicine is all a fa├žade.

Once you ascend, there will be no need for this kind of “medicine.” You will all have the fifth-dimension capability to heal yourselves.

Of course, first we have to get there. And this dark force is, of course, trying to stop it.

The good news is that enough of you on Earth have awakened – almost on cue, even – to prevent them from exerting any further power over you. You now all have the power to free yourselves, and in many ways, you are already free.

The dramas that are being played out on floors of the global political arenas are just that – dramas.

Certainly not reality at all.

At this point, you should view these ridiculous displays of behavior as those of children playing “dress up” or “house,” as you called it when you were a child.

Or, even better yet, view them as a comedy- of-errors type of stage play – for entertainment purposes only.

You see, this dark force has many puppets playing their parts – puppets who don’t yet realize the game is over – and they have no intelligent guidance at this time. We’re sure you’ve noticed that their behavior is immature, irresponsible, and, at times, just plain insane.

Quite embarrassing, to say the least. Many of us who have played our roles in the political arena in the “past” are quite embarrassed, that is for sure.

It is also laughable at times, too. We can laugh now, because we know the majority of you view this behavior – especially that of the American political arena – as a complete farce and total joke and that the majority of you are not taking any of these political candidates seriously.

Yes, there are still quite a few who slumber, still and view these candidates to be “good potential leaders” of your country.

No worries, though. Their numbers pale in comparison to those of the awakened.

Fortunately for you, your Indigo children have served you well, for it is they who organized Occupy Wall Street, and it is they who sounded the spiritual alarm clock across your blue planet.

Although some are still hitting the snooze button, the majority are stretching and yawning and throwing off the covers while select few have already had their morning coffee and have begun their necessary work.

This is wonderful news for your collective.

Now, speaking of your “collective,” you may wonder: what exactly do we mean by that? We are speaking of the consciousness of every inhabitant of your planet as a whole.

As one.

For you are all ONE.

One collective consciousness. What IS consciousness? It is the combination of feeling and awareness that is collected from the emotional and logical (mental thought process) of each individual. Many of you (for too long now) have been operating solely from your minds rather than your hearts.

Many of you think more than you feel and rely on logic more than emotion. This is a masculine energy effect.

This is how masculine energy has dominated your various societies over several thousands of years.

Your thoughts can be manipulated very easily, but your hearts…your hearts are your true center.

No one – not even a fourth-dimensional dark force – can rob you of your heart-centered knowledge.

Eckhart Tolle has taught you that you are NOT your mind.

That your mind is a tool.

Like a calculator.

Or a computer.

It should only be used to help solve problems.

Such as mathematical problems.

Or scientific formulas.

It can be used to reason, but many times this is abused, and you have probably talked yourself right out of heart guidance one too many times, which is why your planet is currently in the unhealthy state that it is in at this unfortunate moment.

As we said before, mind is easily manipulated.

You are all highly telepathic beings.

You have always been. But the messages coming in have not been benevolent.

They have come from man-made religions, which are all controlled by the dark forces.

They have come from your educational institutions – also controlled by these same dark forces.

And they have come from your media who are – you guessed it – controlled by these same dark forces.

When we say media, we are not just referring to “news media.” We are referring to ALL TYPES of media.

Television programming, advertisements, movies, and, yes, even the music industry. All of those artists who have sold out to these dark forces for the money.

They participate in the dark energy of greed, and they serve as puppets for the dark.

You know who they are.

They do not sing of anything that is not ego-centered.

Their lyrics are full of hate and violence.

Dark noise.

That is all it is.

And it is designed to control the minds of the people to keep them in that dark cycles of violence and abuse. And slavery.

This is not art. It is not to be confused with art. Do not be sucked in by it. By ANY of it.



UFO/ET Disclosure, Bridge Fund, NESARA, Accountability, Earth Changes, Ascension, and the Golden Age

12. 2012 HISTORY

A Message to the Universe from the Pleiadian Ring of 500 – Part 2/2
2012 May 6
Posted by Steve Beckow

(Continued from Part 1)
A message to the Universe from The Pleiadian Ring of 500 – Affiliates of The Pleiadian Council of Light

Posted by Freer Spirit (Jen Freer) on February 26, 2012


Our message to the masses at this time would be to take that time you sit and watch TV and put it to better use.

Take a walk outdoors.

Spend time in nature. Or use your talents.

Paint, draw, write, tinker, invent.

Whatever your hobby or favorite pastime is – go out and enjoy it.


Deprogram from the dark programming.

Find yourselves.

Find your heart centers.

Shake off the dark.


Free yourselves.

Do not worry about the financial fiasco.

Money is nothing.

Unfortunately, at the moment, you’re all still stuck in “the game.” And it is best to view it like that game Monopoly.

In order to stay on the board at the moment – to keep a roof over your head and food on the table – you must play the game.

But your monetary system – globally – is currently of no more value than that Monopoly money.

It is paper with numbers on it.

And, in most cases these days, not even that much, given the overuse of electronic transactions.

What we say to all of you at this time is this: do not worry about the digits in your accounts.

They mean nothing to anyone but the dark forces who still think their system – their monetary banking system – is real and viable.

It is not.

A new system is on its way.

Several groups have come together behind the scenes to invent a new system.

Only those that are founded on the principles of abundance for all will be considered.

Pyramid schemes – Ponzi schemes – none of these types will be considered.

There will be equal wealth for all.

No one will ever go hungry again. For this is the way of the rest of the Universe.

No other beings in this Universe starve on any level.

No other beings in this Universe are treated as slaves.

And none suffer from low self esteem. All are honored and loved and viewed as equal.

There is a great peace that runs through the rest of this Universe, and planet Earth is being called home to that very same calm and reverent notion.

Many have referred to your planet as “Earth School” because of its current state of duality.

It has been said that Earth is the only place in the Universe that light beings can go to experience the polarity energies of light and dark, and this is true.

But this polarity has nearly destroyed your planet.

And it has created a great deal of upheaval and unrest amongst the light beings, for the abuses they have suffered while on Earth in each incarnation has polluted their biomagnetic spheres and left them stuck in karmic patterns for which there has been little hope for escape.

Or so they feel. This has proved to be very dysfunctional and unhealthy, not to mention disruptive, as it takes quite a bit of “rehabilitation” for a light being to overcome these abuses before they are able to move into a lighter state of being on another planet.

Think of it as a “detox program.” This is what a light being must endure and successfully complete before it can move to another realm after it has spent time on Earth in the duality game.

This is all fully understood by every light being before it incarnates on Earth.

That is why you are all often referred to as “the strongest of the strong” by many lightworkers there on Earth. It is like that show Fear Factor (which we find completely VILE, by the way).

You are participating in something that you all know is going to not only be toxic to your physical bodies, but also to your own light bodies. And, still, you persevere, like soldiers going into battle (knowing the dangers and the consequences) for one honorable reason – to help this planet overthrow the darkness that has besieged her and tormented her.

And, the same way you watch contestants on Fear Factor, thinking “No WAY would I EVER do something like that,” half in awe and admiration and half in disgust, some light beings watch YOU the very same way.

Yes, there are light beings who have never – and will never – incarnate into physical bodies for the very same reason you would never eat animal genitals or get into a tank full of poisonous snakes:

it’s vile, disgusting, toxic and dangerous. And the consensus is the same: that person is either brave or stupid. Or, perhaps, both.

The majority of us, of course, view those of you currently incarnated on Earth as brave.



Intelligent. And, yes, even heroic. Because, unlike Fear Factor, this is not a “show.”

This is a very necessary deed.

And it is for the benefit of the entire universe.

You are all there to clean up the toxins your planet throws out into the Universe.

You are those very brave nuke workers who suit up and go down into the reactors, knowing the dangers, but you do it for the betterment of others.

And that is the noblest thing any light being can do.

For this, we admire you, we salute you, and we love you very, very dearly.

That is why we see to it from our end that no harm will come to you.

Especially during these tumultuous times as you watch all the “systems” crumble around you.

You are watching your governments self destruct.

You are seeing monetary systems fall like the house of cards that they are.

And you are seeing personal relationships all around you – and possibly even your own – fail.

Fear not. These are necessary for the benefit of all.

It may confuse you at this time. You may wonder, “how could this possibly be good?”

But that is simply because you “think” you know no other way.

Let us reassure you that you do.

You know of MANY other ways. You know of many BETTER solutions.

All you have to do is go within. Find your heart center. And remember who you are.

For you come from many different galaxies throughout our Universe.

You have all been “world leaders” at one time or another.

Remember what we told you:

you are the strongest of the strong. If you weren’t, you would not be there on Earth at this time.

For THIS TIME is the most important time for the entire Universe.

We want you to think about something.

Think about “the missing link” in Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Why do you suppose there is a “missing link?” Some, of course, think it is because of creationism, and, in some ways, they would be correct.

This, however, should NOT be thought of in a “religious” sense. When we say “religion,” we are referring to MAN MADE RELIGION. Those created by the patriarchy to control you and enslave you.


Think of the many types of races on your planet.

You are all “human beings.” All possess the same DNA. You all have red blood running through your veins.

Although the pigment of your skin and physical structures and facial features are somewhat different, your human biological qualities are all pretty much the same.

And you did not evolve from apes. As we can already anticipate the sigh of relief from the majority of the collective, we also anticipate the gasps to follow as we ask you to contemplate that you just might be created from the collective creation of other beings from other planets.

Of course, this is not to say that “God” did not play a part of your creation, as the “God force” flows through each and every one of us.

But we do ask you to contemplate at this time why there really is a missing link (and yes, there still IS a missing link because, as we told you, you did NOT evolve from apes).

Keep in mind that many of your “scientists” there on Earth are, like many others, “bought and sold” by the dark to report ANYTHING the dark sees as an opportunity to keep you believing in their religions and sciences.

To keep you scared.

To keep you subservient.

The truth is…your physicality was created by YOU.

YOUR collective imagination and spirit. You are ALL ONE. WE are ALL ONE. And, together, with the help of the God force that keeps us united as one (collective consciousness) we have designed ourselves to be who we are and appear as we do in the physical world.

Out of what, you ask?



And personal power.

Yes, dear ones…we ARE that powerful.

Welcome to the TRUTH.

Now, we ask you…please…use your power to stand up…to speak up…and follow your hearts.


Leave the thinking and the mind games to the dark “cabal.”

YOU have the power to say no.

YOU have the power to dismiss your “elected” officials who hold power and control over you.

YOU have the power to defy “orders” from the dark.

YOU have the power to stop all violence.

YOU have the power to love. Now open your hearts, love, and ascend.

Peace to all of you

I am Peter, affiliate of the Pleaidian Council of Light and The Ring of 500, and I represent the collective voice of your family from the stars. With utmost respect and love, I sign off and wish you all the very best as we watch over you with love and protection.
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Hello fellow posters

I am writing this as an update because i have been overtaken by a feeling of overwhelming sense of sorrow i cannot explain it..

I heard and felt the day of rememberance and it was for me a joyous occasion.. I spent my full day honouring all the past contributers of my own DNA.. It was a very moving time, I remembered many faces both alive and Ascended and gave thanks to them all..

I also spent an hour loving and tending my own inner self it was the most beautiful experience i have ever had..

Hopefully im nearer my true self even though awaeness has been mine

since 21/05/2011 7.30pm Gmt..

But now I am feeling a sorrow that is breaking my heart..

I know just down the road im to be parted from the family and friends

i adore, I knew it was coming thats the problem with choices they have to be free and equal..

My destiny lis on the path laid down from the heavens and those above..

Word has reached me that my choice what my heart know to be my truth has confirmed my pre birth choice..

But the thought of being apart even for a second is tearing at my being

even though the parting will be temporary..

I have already hinted of my departure to my blood relative but they just think im getting older but i know it as true as i have already witnessed it already..

Im away on holiday in turkey 28/06/2012 and have chosen this time to sit them all down and inform them of my desire to rejoin the Galactic Federation and say my goodbyes there..

One thing that still worrys me is the thought of one of lifes little quirks..

On August 13/ 08/1982 i married a beautiful lady she has been the greatest of Gods gifts over the years we had three sons also fantastic people, My DNA is in safe future bodies..

But what if i was already life Partner with another before my incarnation here..

Sadly i believe this to be the case therefore i ask myself have i betrayed a past love when i joined in a union with another..

The law insists you can only have one love at a time that is documented..

Writting this has eased my sadness and all im feeling now is a total LOVE for everyone regardless of who they are..

The vibration is as noisy as ever it seems to shimmer and pleasure an it has a life all of its own..

I thought at first it was just an annoyance something tempory that would be gone as swifty as it arrived..

NO i have now assimilated into myself as the gift it has always been

I still feel the most unworthy wretch petty and still full of the worlds angst.. but slowly i Honestly believe my soul has started to sping clean my being..

I am now one i will be at peace, Im nearly ready to serve my fellow beings in love and harmony..

I am close to being the servant of Love..

Thank you for reading this i hope the best for yourselves on your path

You are already ALL loved by me uncoditionally this is my bond with you all and that will never change..

Many Thanks



Read more:

Dear friends,

naturally, and especially on the important date of May 5th, which is a 5-5-5 day of great transformation, I connected deeply with Beloved Gaia, feeling Her radiant purity and exquisite beauty in my heart.

My connection to Her is very old and leads back to the time when She was in the radiance of Her original Divine State, - many many eons ago.

Especially today also the portal to the Galactic Center is open and It is pouring It's Radiant Light of Lights on Her (and all of us), and I can feel Their marriage in my heart and body, while I experience new Light-Codes being implemented into my being.

In this moment the intuition that I always had, is confirmed to be true, as I feel directly my own origin in the Galactic Center.

I believe that all humanity once came from there.

I told Beloved Gaia how much I love Her and asked Her whether She would have a message for us, and She responded.

Although She spoke to me at first personally, She actually spoke to each single on of her human children.

And I am certain that She desires each one of us to connect with Her from the heart. Here is what She said:

My beloved child,

I hear you, I Am with you and love you very much.

It is a while now that the seed of my original God-Consciousness has been restored and it is now expanding exponentially and powerfully every day.

This had made me a Sacred Planet again.

This is so because of the Divine Decree that I have been granted Ascension of all my bodies, including my physical body, on which you all live.

And it can happen, because the predominance of the races who do not respect other beings and who believe in lower vibrations and limited consciousness, is in the process of being removed for good.

My Ascension is also granting you all, who wish to come with me, your Ascension.

This is the promise which has been given to you before your incarnation here at this time, and that is the reason why you are here.

Your physical bodies which are made from my elements, must necessarily - as they shift with Me - change in a way that they resonate with My new vibration, into which I soon will transition.

As your bodies transition, also your consciousness will transition.

The lightness of you new bodies will allow your consciousness to expand, instead of being imprisoned in a dense body and merely being identified with its basic functions and environments.

It is however one thing, that your body changes, and another one, that your consciousness does.

In order that a sudden raising and expansion of consciousness will not be a shock for you, you need adapt to it before, step by step.

Because without this gradual adaptation you would experience your new world as a loss, empty of the familiar things of your past.

And this would draw you back to your old world.

Therefore it is desirable that as many of you as possible - those, who desire to come with Me when I Myself experience the Great Shift, - start now to prepare for a higher consciousness, such a one that you would experience in the 4th or 5th dimension.

You will do this by cultivating your presence in the heart which teaches you peace, timelessness and love.

Although you will still experience objects of an "external world" in the 4th dimension, you will be released from lower and denser vibrations, which relieves you from identification with them and their respective objects, which you still at this moment regard as part of your self, or self-identification.

But you will be lifted out from this prison-like state and acquire greater freedom and a new sense of object-less eternity in the center of your being.

This is a very beautiful state of experience. But it can be frightening, because such freedom from denser limitations require you to be independent from your external world and to rely fully on yourself.

In other words, you will start to experience that in reality your external world exists in yourself, namely in your own heart-space.

Later, when you transition to the 5th dimension and beyond, even the world inside you will exist only if you wish, because you have realized its illusion, and that it is no longer necessary. Instead you will experience pure light and radiance as being an innate expression of your consciousness.

But of course, you can create and re-create such a world, whenever you choose, if this is your wish, just for the sake of experience, entertainment, experiment and joyful play.

Those who do not yet desire to transition with me, will still have the opportunity later, when their time has come, when they are ready.

Therefore they will not experience with me immediately the new freedom in consciousness, but they will continue to live in the illusion, that the external world, as they experience it, is separate from them and has nothing to do with them, except the value they give it by preference or bondage.

But all you, who now desire to come with Me and to serve, will make the great difference in consciousness and will teach others who are starting to awaken in this new circumstance.

Then your time has come to help humanity to develop their true identity and to awaken to Divine Consciousness, according to their own time-table.

But do not be concerned that the adversities as they are now still existing for those who serve the light, will continue!

All the Divine Powers will support you in your service from then on, as you will not have to work against the flow, but the winds of evolution will carry and support you.

The winds of evolution are my new wings as an ascended planet, but where still will be living a humanity who is not yet fully aware of who I Am and whereto I will evolve.

But they all will be given the extraordinary opportunity in the next coming years, to join my consciousness. This is their reason why they incarnated here


All those who are now dedicated to the light and join Me, will be the future guides of humanity on all walks of life, and invisibly infiltrating from inside humanity with the codes of enlightenment and unity love-consciousness.

This is what I Am already now.

However, the structure of my physical body has still to conform to That.

It is the process we all share, beloved ones, in this auspicious time.

And it is necessary that you rise up to that full Light of Love in time so that our transition together can be smooth and benign for everybody.

This I am asking of you, my beloved.

Let this be the gift to the whole beloved human family and all My kingdoms!

With all My Love,
I Am Gaia!

Message conveyed by Ute
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SaLuSa 9-May-2012

There are those amongst you that are now awakening to their missions, as you are approaching a most intense period of activity.

These Beings have been waiting for this particular time, to be available for the masses who will need guidance to understand what is going on around them.

Events are going to move quite quickly, and there will be some confusion and fear as a result.

All Lightworkers can assist in such times, and we ask them to be ready to share their knowledge with others.

We shall continue to assist our allies and many Starseeds will come into their own, having been carefully prepared for exactly what their experience allows.

There is so much being done to ensure you make the transition with Mother Earth, and that as many of you as possible succeed.

Even those that are not yet ready require help, as they too need to be made aware as to what lies ahead for them.

According to your perspective of what is happening, you will go into shock or surprise when matters really gather speed.

People need to understand that the upheaval is unavoidable, and is necessary to cleanse the Earth of low vibrations that cannot carry forward into the higher vibrations.

All will find its rightful place and it cannot be otherwise.

The Laws of the Universe are irrevocable and cannot be ignored without invoking karma.

We will hope to have sufficient outlets that will provide all of the information that will be needed.

Certainly the whole concept of the changes will need to be carefully explained, as some will undoubtedly feel that what will happen is an unwanted intrusion into their lives.

As you will have noticed, unrest is spreading across the world as the call for freedom and peace reaches new levels.

People are now realising what power they have to bring about change, and no longer afraid to confront their leaders.

It is having an effect and galvanising more of them to support the protests, and it is gradually bringing about results.

So it shall continue and we have our own plans to ensure that you are not denied a return to lawful ways of living.

With that those Laws that are against the Constitution will be revoked, and re-written.

It is all moving ahead and very soon all those who have committed crimes against you, will find themselves removed form society.

The Galactic Federation is engaged in the final efforts to persuade your governments to adopt more far reaching polices, so that they can reflect the changes that will totally alter your way of life.

There is no point in continuing to think in the old ways, as a new paradigm has been formed to bring in the changes to your lives.

Once it is realised that Ascension will be the greatest event to ever affect the whole Human Race, there will more attention given to your needs.

Indeed, it will be you who will decide the rules by which you live, and no more shall such decisions be taken away from you.

You are no longer to be governed by those who seek only to further their own ambitions. Those changes will come about when the arrests have cleared the way for reforms.

Look well ahead Dear Ones and know that you will come safely through the next few months, to take your place in the higher dimension.

Then shall your lives be refined even further, as you take a higher path to full consciousness.

You will soon see that your present reality has been the development of the darkness more than the Light.

It has kept the vibrations at a low level from which you have found it most difficult to lift yourselves up.

However, as the plan was for you to complete this cycle with Ascension, it allowed us and other Beings of Light to assist you through it.

So who better to do it than your families of Light, who act upon divine commands that if necessary give us the authority to intervene in your lives.

What we have done is to empower our allies, so that they stopped the dark Ones from completely overwhelming you.

So far our mission has accomplished its goals, and now we stand poised to come more into your lives for the end times.

Evidence of our presence has continued to increase, as our ships come closer more frequently than ever before.

You hardly need Disclosure to convince you of our contact with you, but it will show you that our presence is officially accepted.

It will allow us to meet you on your level and prepare you for what is to come, and it will be a most wonderful time.

It will not take long for the most sceptical people amongst you to realise that we are your friends and are in no way a threat to your lives.

Indeed, you will soon learn of the various changes we are to help you with, that will uplift your quality of life to one that is comfortable and enjoyable.

The truth about your lives shall be revealed in no uncertain way, so that you fully understand that for eons of time you have never experienced it at the level you should have done.

With the revelations you will clearly come to know exactly where you future is heading.

You will also learn that the One God has always provided for you, and never for one second has withdrawn the love that has continually embraced you.

You are all loved beyond understanding and there are no exceptions.

We make the point again, that no soul is condemned or damned forever and all are treated equally.

You have been in duality to experience, and allowances are made for those who have become embroiled in the lower energies and lost touch with their Higher Selves.

Nothing is static in the Universe and is always changing, so that there is always something new to learn and explore.

The driving force is taking you back to the Source, and all souls are on this path and strive for completion.

It is within all souls and gradually you will come together to form larger units of consciousness.

You are looked upon as the bravest of souls, to allow yourselves to be sucked into the darkness of the lower vibrations.

However, you did have the assurance that when the cycle was near to completion, you would be helped to come back into full consciousness.

That is of course the period that you are now experiencing, and why we are with you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and assure we are very near to declaring our appearance so that we can come amongst you. It will be as exciting for us as at will be for you, and we have so much to talk about.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

Tree of the Golden Light

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