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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ascention Earth Part Message

Just recieved 21.07pm gmt it reads

Even though that last example may have a lot of truth to it and be a suitable approach if you were speaking to those familiar with the New Testament, I have always been a firm believer in a more direct approach. Perhaps you may agree, and would like to try this approach the next time your chatting with a loved one and a recent news story about a UFO conveniently enters your conversation.
‘Have you noticed all the recent news stories about UFO’s lately? Would it surprise you if Earth turned out to be a colony of another world? Well, turns out it is. As a matter of fact, our planet is a shared colony of many different worlds working in a peaceful cooperation. A social experiment has been conducted here over the last few thousand years, and we have been left alone to work things out for ourselves. Everyone on the planet today volunteered to participate in this experiment, which involved the interaction between a citizenry and a tyrannical ruling class. The aim was to discover what could be learned from this scenario, and to find out if the public would awaken and rise up to free themselves, or fall deeper into the clutches of as fascist dictatorship. This experiment is now over, and has been a tremendous success. The people have awakened. We are uniting to free ourselves and return our world to the utopia it once was, and we are not alone in this endeavor. The original planners of this colony and of this experiment have returned. They are not strangers to us at all, as we are the colonists and they are from the mother land. We are their ancestors, all of us. As they are many worlds that go by many names, it is easier to refer to them by the name of their peaceful alliance: The Galactic Federation. They have returned to help us peaceably remove these tyrannical rulers from power, as they are no longer required for this exercise. They are also joyous to reunite with us, their family, once again. Soon we will have the veil of forgetfulness lifted from us, and all have a big laugh as we remember just who we all are and where we come from. There will be no more secrets, no more cultural experiments. All the problems of our world will be quickly and smoothly brought into the alignment of our new Golden Age society through the leadership of souls of pure hearted intent, super advanced technologies, and a worldwide community effort. Wars, hunger, poverty, illness, pollution, all will soon be a thing of the past, as will our lives of daily servitude. Light technologies will replace our need to labor our lives away, and everyone will be free to pursue their dreams and add their own colors to the Creator’s universal canvas.’


Chanelled through Greg Giles

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