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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

my view

I believe that this message has been misinterpreted by Greg..
The lightshow is the magnificent sunshine and is affecting us
in ways we cannot yet understand..

The love emotion has been pounded by sunlight and therefore raised on many
The evidence is for all to see..
Take the Bolton footballer event..
That outpouring of love surely came from somewhere and regardless
Of the Football fraternity claiming they own it..
This is far away from being the case..

I believe they are scared people are losing interest and they cant be having that now can they..
They need you all still plugged into their sport..

The press and written Media are also trying to make it what it is not..

I honestly feel their grasp on the situation is a desperate bid to slow down our progress..

They cannot live without you the people to fund their bullshit so they scheme and plan to
delay your freedom..
Many will just continue on their paths and good luck to you if that is your choice..
I now speak to those who desire the change for your own reasons..
This is no time to waver or listen to the doubters..
It is your time to share your feelings and desires..

We head for pastures new and need to be set free from this illusion..

I cant wait and am tingling with atisipation..

I say goodbye world i have learned all your lessons and am a better person
For your daily hatred..
Good game satan but Checkmate Fella

Love and respect to all readers
May you Ascend in peace and love..

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