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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ascension Earth

The human race as a collective, and each and every individual soul on the planet today will soon experience a release of the shackles that have kept us all chained to lives of slavery at the hands of the elitist ruling class and their tyrannical laws that were specifically designed to strip us of our rights to live lives of freedom and prosperity. Their greed derived from fear. Fear of not having enough money or power. We agreed to incarnate here under these conditions, but this agreement came with the stipulation that we would also have the opportunity to experience this planet’s return to a golden age utopia. You may sleep tonight knowing in your hearts that this transformation is already well underway, and will culminate with the ascension of this entire world into a higher dimensional state. Throughout the remaining fourteen months, you will see many amazing things. You will see firsthand that there is, and has always been, souls of light, of love and kindness just like you throughout every corner of the globe, and throughout all different races and nationalities. You will also find that there are also kind and peaceful souls who also wish to return this planet to a world of love and light throughout the ranks of the police, the military, and throughout the alphabet intelligence agencies at the Pentagon. For so long, you have only seen the worst of what the human race is capable of. You are now about to witness for yourself, without having to take anyone else’s word for it, just what the human race is also capable of. This has always been the plan of the Creator, His Angels, and spiritual warriors. Have you been here so long and have been through so much hardship that you can no longer believe that God and His universe have so much more to offer you than what you have experienced here? Have you not seen the miracles possible when enough humans come together in common goal? Soon you will be freed from lack, from your shackles of servitude, from debt and from disease. Never again will a human go to bed hungry, or on the street. Never again will a human bear arms against his brother. Never again will our planet be poisoned. Is this too fantastic for you to believe? Do you not realize that all of this could already have been accomplished without the assistance of anyone else, but just by the redistribution of the enormous amounts of wealth that has been systematically stolen from the people by just a few interconnected families and the governments they have owned like so many trophies on their mantelpiece? This is not secret knowledge, as anyone with basic math skills can easily confirm these facts by researching the public accounting records of our global financial system. For the first time in our history, enlightened souls within many different agencies within the Pentagon have joined forces with powerful members of the public sector, as well as like minded souls within the US and even foreign military establishments to bring down these ruling families who have made themselves Kings, Queens, Presidents, and even spiritual leaders. Do you not believe that together we can defeat these few families and their draconian rule and redistribute their stolen booty? Never before has humanity experienced such a bonding, such a coming together of enlightened souls from so many different walks of life. You so wished to be here to witness this, the most incredible time ever to be alive anywhere in this universe, and you will not for one moment be disappointed. The show is about to begin.

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