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Monday, 3 October 2011

Is This Just A Leading You On Message

Another Message from the Galactics but is this just a long winding road that leads to just another update later down the road 12.33 pm 03/10/2011 It Reads The Galactic Federation has stated that they will now increase the number of displays of their lightships as they fully realize that less than fifteen months remain before the ascension of humanity into a higher dimensional existence and many changes must get underway. The long awaited disclosure announcements that will introduce our cosmic family of light are essential, as first contact and a mass landing of Galactic Federation personnel is a vital step to prepare our planet and people for the final installment of the overall plan, ascension. The Federation feels so many of Earth’s population still remain unaware that the universe is teeming with intelligent life, and therefore a mass landing at this time would insight a great deal of fear. The GF has also stated that they have been initiating many sightings in third world countries for some time now, and that these events have gone largely unreported by western media. The Federation promises that they will now begin a campaign of sightings throughout the United States and other major cities around the world that are of such caliber that it will be unmistakable that the craft are theirs, and that media outlets around the globe will have no choice but to air the video evidence. Love and Respect to all viewers Plazmuh

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