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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Message From Ascension Earth

18.49 16/10/11
It Reads

Earlier this week, several channels of higher intelligences began reporting that mainstream media, which has long been in the control of the dark cabal, would begin to report the true goings on within our world, and even beyond. My Pleiadian guides have also shared this information with me during our last communication. Many may have taken notice of an interesting press release concerning Bigfoot that came on the heels of this Galactic Federation announcement, but may have failed to realize the major significance of this story. It was not a coincidence that one of the greatest mysteries of our time was selected as a sign, a signal to the Galactic Federation and their millions of Earth allies that the media corporations were now willing to ‘play ball’ and end their years of lies, cover-ups, and propaganda.
The Sasquatch and his Himalayan cousin the Yeti, have for many years been a subject the dark cabal has spent much time, energy, and money covering up, as the Sasquatch species has the power to unravel the cabals complete and despicable fabrication of the true origins of humanity. (A recent propaganda documentary airing on the National Geographic channel even featured actors that were paid to falsely claim that the famous Patterson footage was actually one of them in a gorilla suit. No mention, of course, of why they would choose to portray Bigfoot with huge female breasts, or where they were even able to find such a costume.)
What has for so long worried the masters of the dark cabal was the day humanity finally learned that we did not evolve from apes or the caveman as they so wish us to believe, but instead, we are already advanced beings of light who have traveled here from many different star systems within this vast universe. We have had little memory of our universal heritage due to our agreement that we would complete this cycle of duality wearing a veil of ‘forgetfulness’, in light of the catastrophe of Atlantis and the necessity to finish our evolutionary cycle clear of this memory. Many of us today are not only direct descendants of the advanced peoples of Atlantis, but are indeed the very same beings who called Atlantis our home.
It may now become more evident to many just how important this recent press release regarding Bigfoot is, and just how far the implications may reach.
Love and Peace people

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