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Friday, 20 April 2012

My Chat With The Almighty

Got into a chat withe the almighty last night, It went something like..

God.. Hi Plazmuh.
Plazmuh.. Hi my lord hows things..
God.. not so bad my friend i have a message for you..
Love is arriving soon to planet Earth..
Plazmuh.. Your kidding oh wise one,Is she still as perfect as ever..
God.. Even i bow in her presence..
Plazmuh.. Wow o Great one we are not worthy, Are they aware of her arrival..
God.. Some are but many remain unaware..
Plazmuh.. That is great God she may well gaze in my direction..
God.. She says can you wake them and tell them..
Plazmuh.. Are you shitting me fella.. The more that are awake te less my
chances of ever telling her of my love If i do that i may miss her..
God.. When she asks a favour its best to just get on with it..
Plazmuh.. Yes God im not that stupid..
Plazmuh.. So how many need awakening..
God.. The last time i counted it was about 7 Billion..
Plazmuh.. Oh just a few then, Tell her i will do anything for her..
God.. Good lad she says you look better in the Purple Jacket..
Plazmuh.. She say me you say OH MY GOD, She saw me and i was unaware
Why didnt you give me a heads up fella i would have told you..
Anyway are there any rules on awakening..
God.. Always they are all playing hate and murder on Earth..
The tools at your disposal are words,Music,Kindness, Oh and as a gift
From her directly you will be aided by your light workers, And because
she is so fond of you she is sending The mob from The Galactic Federation of LIght..
Plazmuh.. Thats fantastic Lord they are the best..
How will i know how im getting on sweet lord..
The usual vibrational thing in the head.. or another sign..
God.. No just the head noises..
Plazmuh.. Is there a time limit..
God.. Yep my son Any time between now and March 2013..
Plazmuh.. This is far to easy a test Oh God..
God.. There is a catch Plazmuh She needs a small favour off of you..
Plazmuh.. She can ask anything of me you already know that..
God.. She is aware of your feeling Plazmuh..
Plazmuh.. 7 billion to one my chances of catching a sight of her are
50/50 then.. What is the favour my Lord..
God.. She wants you to ascend the Planet as well as make her presence
Plazmuh.. I will start right away sweet Lord..
Do i have any chances who am i up against..
God.. You have hate in one corner and all the skilled Lightworkers
Competing for her attension in the other..
Plazmuh.. Oh crap you know how great that lot are..
God.. Are these terms acceptable..
Plazmuh.. Of course they are My Lord any chance to be close to her is
all i have ever wanted, Did she really like my purple jacket or are you
just messing with me as per usual..
God.. No plazmuh she sent you a loving breeze as proof..
Plazmuh.. Cheers God let the games begin.. See you in April 2013 my lord..
God.. You certainly will my son.. See ya wouldnt wanna be ya..
Plazmuh.. Yea back at ya oh wise one..
OMG OMG love coming, Now wheres my jacket..

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