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Friday, 27 April 2012

20 Days To Heal Tomorrow

Ashtar Command


As the days went by, we can see the expectation growing within the hearts of the Lightworkers.

We can see the anxiety growing in all of you and all that we can talk about at the moment is that this anxiety will be assuaged with the conclusion of the events promised for the days that will follow.

We know the anxiety of all of you, we love the way you are spreading the information by the four corners of the planet and we can talk about the love that is pouring out of your hearts is fundamental in uplifting the planet, and it makes our work even more rewarding.

We state that during the following days the Earth will be bombarded by solar flares and as a result, all the inhabitants of the planet will receive this load of energy in their bodies.

This wave of energy will further accelerate the process of adjustment of your DNA. We want also to mention that these waves of energy will not cause pain to you unless you have low levels of energy.

For this reason, we ask you constantly to raise your vibrations for frequencies compatible with those that are coming to Earth.

In these cases, the whizzing/tinnitus in the ears is one of the most common symptoms as well as certain pressure inside the head.

This is part of the frequency adjustment.

You must meditate more now seeking to disconnect from the outside world, searching to go inside of you, considering carefully about Love and Light, aiming to harmonize with everything around you.

Peace on Earth does not depend on our arrival, it depends on how you are thinking and expressing these thoughts, and today they become real almost immediately.

Our arrival will be the positive complement of your desire for the change of your world within you. This is about what we speak so much: we can only come up to you if you decide so.

We respect your free will and we have always made it clear.

We can see hope within your hearts and we are here to speak that you will not be disappointed.

Time in your world is continues to speed up and it is the fruit of the labor of the Blue People that are joining us in this big task for the Light.

Beloved ones from the planet Earth, this is an opportunity for all of you.

We have come lovingly to show the wonderful beings you are and that we are also your family wanting to resume our close acquaintance.

We are your brothers and sisters and we want you to know that each one of you has a lot to do before Ascension.

During the week of Disclosure, we will have plenty of work and we will need each one of you.

Soon after the Disclosure, thousands of questions will be made and it will lead to some turmoil in the media that will be targeted with considerable spectacular information about our presence.

After Disclosure, do not expect our immediate landing; but prepare your family and friends that still do not understand the meaning of our presence.

You must explain to them that our presence is peaceful and that nothing will be imposed upon you, as some still try to spread.

The Dark ones are playing their last moves in order to spoil the image of President Obama.

In this regard, we want to make quite clear that he is a Lightworker and he is fighting bravely within the cage of the wild beasts.He is doing very well and we feel assured to put the task of Disclosure in his hands.

You will have busy weeks ahead, and we can tell you about the Galactic events foreseen for the next month will increase further the activities in your world.

Once again remember that each of you brings an immense capacity because you have been prepared beforehand.

We wish to alert you against disinformation that can be launched in the media, possibly propaganda against the Galactic Federation/Ashtar Command and it should be analyzed with your heart, because the heart is the one that gives you the certainty of the truth that we are talking about, that we have come with no intention of invasion and consequently of attack to your free will.

Trust the love of God is embracing your world and those who think that we are a threat are discrediting the love of the Creator.

You should know by now that we have high technology and if we wanted an invasion and domination of your world, we we not have already done it?

We refer it in order you reflect and understand that we come in peace and we want your highest good.

After our reunion, you will see that you really are from the stars and you will wish to return to them.We are your future. We are your Family of the Stars.We are you.

Stay in the Light!

Channeler: Gabriel

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