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Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Its something you all carry, Its in every atom in your body, It defines your very essence now think about it You cannot change this FACT..

Do you ever just take the time to even think of such things..

Now think about all the people who contributed to make your DNA the best
it can possibly be..

You all carry photos of your relatives maybe in frames where you live or in
my case hidden in a cupboard..
Have you ever took the time to fish them out and do them the honour of
remembering them..

They are doing this NOW maybe you should spare them a moment of your
valuable time..

Crossed in every single strand are family members who had valour honour and most of all LOVE..

Take time to say thanks uncles ,Aunts, Brothers, Fathers,Mothers,Friends..

Do leave this debt unpaid before you Ascend..

According to what im hearing 05/05/2012 is the begining of Rememberence..

This is the time they watch and listen..

Mother Earth also awaits this Date it could be classified as Sacred for the
Whole of Mankind..

Take you moment..


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