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Thursday, 3 May 2012


05/05 2012

This is the date deemed by heaven for the Lightworkers and the Chosen ones to cleanse this planet for ever..

We do not know their identities but at 3.30am gmt they will begin there task of driving out evil and paving the way for Earths journey into The Golden Age..

For the rest of us it is a time to park your ego,s in the corner and put others before your own needs..

Take time to fish out all your photos and remember your loved ones because on this Sacred day this is how they plan to honour you good people..

You can call it Alchemy or Magic if you want to but the change is within your own grasp..
YOU can be the change you seek you love and support for the 144.000 on
This day of all days we will light a torch of goodness that will blind the whole universe Even heaven is preparing to be amazed..

My own message to the 144.000 is
Be brave you carry all my hopes and dreams and my total love I now place in your divine hands..
I fully expect you to draw all of it on the 05/05/2012 but I have an endless supply please be successful on behalf of humanity they could use a break from this oppression..

Love and light divine beings..

Love and respects

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