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Saturday, 5 May 2012


In the 1960s I was sent to a Boarding School for Handicapped children in North Yorkshire.

Welburn Hall School lies between Helmsley And Kirbymoorside ..
It was a great place to learn life skills for I never had any interest in books and the like, Playing was my only goal..

Every term we would break up for holidays transport would arrive to ferry us home for 6 weeks Yes it was always a very exciting time..

At this time I was living at Somerset Street in Middlesbrough..

This journey don't ask me the exact date because I choose to forget.
Apart from the farting noises and the rough and tumble from the kids it was a journey unmemorable..

As we started dropping the kids off we got to somewhere near Grove Hill near the shopping esplanade we pulled up outside a larger house..

A young lass got off the bus but she stopped and looked over directly at me or so I thought she said see you all next term.. That was it for me..
Swoon head over heels she was awesome beautiful perfection from head to toe, Plazmuh was smitten.

Now I had never really spent anytime around this vision of loveliness but the prospect of meeting up again and seeing he beautiful smile was making me dizzy..

We had much in common and as I pondered her it seemed like we had been best buddies although completely unaware if one another..
Always in my group but on the fringes.
So there I was head full of wishes for next Term the thought of hanging with this really cool kid was driving me crazy
I was besotted all through the six weeks..

The day we returned is one ile never forget..the bus picked everyone up and headed off.
I asked the driver about Alice and he said she would not be returning..
I was devastated i could not really believe it how could she not be coming I Loved her. Not in the way you imagine but a true innocent feeling for the loss of a future playmate and buddy..

The rumour was that she had ascended or moved to pastures new I don't know but I was transformed forever..

I can't renember a time when ive be heartbroken but to this day I still long
For my friend back..

I have never ever said this to another soul but today 05/05/2012 with all it's special meanings to so many people

I have loved ALICE FARRELL every day since then and she is constantly in my prayers and thought..

Anytime this year the possibility of a reunion is driving me on..
She may have not even been looking at me that day but I suppose that's why Love is the strange mistress it always appears to be..

Wherever you are my sweetness I am still thinking of you knowing we will meet again..

Plazmuh sends his regards


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