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Friday, 20 April 2012

Plazmuh Talks To The Almighty About The Boro

Plazmuh.. God whats going on my Lord..

God.. What do you mean son..

Plazmuh.. Its these Boro Fans they are so unhappy..
They assumed they would make the play offs..

God.. You know my views on assumption dont you..

Plazmuh.. Yes you have harped on about it many times Oh Wise One..
So can i tell them we will sneak it or what..

God.. When you play my games i do not give any hints son..
Plazmuh Yes i know that but they are swearing and they are infighting..
The language is truly aweful..

God I know i have been playing a game with them..

Plazmuh How can i unify the boards with my hands tied,Rob is having all
Sorts of IT issues yaknow, Its not funny..

God COB tend not to agree with you fella..

Plazmuh Well about the Boro My Lord..

God Its in the lap of the God..

Plazmuh Very funny Lord..

God Is the game on the Television Son..

Plazmuh Sky i believe..

God I do not watch Sky Plazmuh Who are we playing??

Plazmuh One of the top 2 and then away against Watford..

God ile watch the Saints v The Ayresome Angels..

Plazmuh Any predictions my lord..

God Its at the Riverside but never give up on Moggas boys..

Plazmuh So are you saying there is still hope..

God Hope springs eternal my son..

Plazmuh One last thing My Lord..

God What is it fella you can see im quite busy waiting to do
the party for the humans..

Plazmuh If you see Love can you give her my love Please..

God Are you still on about Her..

Plazmuh Always my Father always..

God Ok if you insist..

Plazmuh One last thing My Lord..

God Yes what is it..

Plazmuh UP THE BORO..

God Right back at you fella..

Plazmuh Love you Fella..

God Love you 2 Steven..

Plazmuh Love you 2 Goddess
God LMFAO see ya fella wouldnt wanna be ya..

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