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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Comet Elenin

If you don't already know on the 20/05/2011 I started to hear voices in my head.. You know the old type of radios they had in the 60s the ones with the lights in the back yep them..
Well the humming sounds exactly like that.
The voices are loud but unfortunately not recognisable at the moment..
I hear men talking women chatting and children playing..
They are getting louder every day so if these voices are from the approaching spacecraft/Elenin well I can gather that they are getting ever closer..
If they had perished in the blast I would now be hearing either nothing at all or voices of anguish or concern and I'm hearing nothing of the sort..
I'm feeling a more relaxed vibe going on.. Recently I hear music and excitement and the noise is there 24/7..
I therefore conclude it or what is following is still intact and a wonderful event is about to take place.
Peace out love to all..

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