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Sunday, 4 September 2011


I posted some thing on a popular conspiacy site yesterday and the results have left me dumbstruck.
Of course they removed my thread to the rant section, And for about 20 replys they gently ripped me a new arsehole, Ya know the type of smararsed guys you get.
on my thread i did call for the site to be closed down because of their mirrowing policy.
For those that dont know of this, Someone is sorting the threads and stealing them and reprinting them on their own sites, When called on this by members they refused to discuss the issue stating this was a regular occurence.
but anyway i digress.
somebody in that organisation sent either a Grey or Reptillian Alien to my home last night to attack me whilst i slept.
i have a large scatch on my left side and a scratch on my right foot.
This is nothing i hear you cry but it is unusual as my feet are always protected so there is no way it could have been a usual household accident                                                                                                                                      


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