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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


This was recieved on the 20/09 2011

A window of opportunity is open at this time and the Galactic Federation have announced through several different channels, including this writer, that they will capitalize on this opportunity and attempt disclosure announcements, as has been long anticipated. There will be a series of global announcements informing the populace of the presence of the Galactic Federation fleet. There will be many who react in fear to these announcements, and the current elitist ruling class who so desperately wish to retain their stranglehold over the planet may attempt to add fuel to the fire by stepping up their propaganda campaign to paint our returning family members as evil invaders. Regardless, nothing can or will prevent humanity’s return to a golden age of peace and prosperity. For those who understand that the Galactic Federation are not invaders but are in fact us, our cosmic brothers and sisters from long ago, and that Earth is, and has always been, a colony of an alliance of many different universal societies, your task is to inform those family, friends, and co-workers within your sphere of influence that our shared families of light have returned to assist us in righting this ship we call home, and prepare us for our welcoming into the galactic community.
Following these initial announcements will be a series of personnel changes within corrupt governments around the globe. Behind the scenes, a new financial system will replace the Federal Reserve Board, finally putting an end to the scam long perpetrated by this private company’s owners that has bankrupted our global financial system. Other changes we all know need to be made within our civilization will quickly follow, and every man, woman, and child on the planet will share in the natural and universal laws of abundance and prosperity.
Love And Peace To All

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