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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I Know Who The Galactics Are..

14.55 pm gmt 21/09/2011
I dont know wether it was a dream or future glimse..
I am now really confident about the identity of some of
the Galactic Family..I was just sat here wondering who could break this
news and be believed..
The only answer that makes logical sense is it would have to come from somebody known
to you..
Not only known to you but someone that you trust implicitly whos words will be accepted by you..
Right if you have not cottened on yet..
I know now as fact that this was considered as an option but am unarare of the final decision..
The option was for the people from our past would be gathered to break us the news..
The dear Departed whom have parted this world can convince even the most skeptical..
They have said that the viel between the worlds will be at its thinnest in a while..
I cant think why this option will not carry the day but it makes sense to me..
Love and Respect to all visitors

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